We offer detoxification, residential treatment, intensive outpatient and outpatient treatment for adults with alcoholism and drug addiction. Our treatment programs are customized to meet the needs of each individual and focus on developing a recovery plan to prevent relapse.


You may refer yourself, or you may be referred by a family member, your doctor, psychiatrist, health insurance, employer or lawyer.

Outpatient program: Our outpatient treatment program offers one to two group meetings per week. Additionally we have an intensive outpatient program, which includes three to 10 group meetings per week. Our staff creates each treatment plan to meet the specific needs of each individual and prevent relapse. Because addiction is a disease that affects more than just the individual, we also offer family participation opportunities.

Driver diversion/DUII and DWI/Deferred prosecution programs: Our driver diversion/DUII and DWI/deferred prosecution programs help patients in Oregon and Washington meet legal requirements for treatment when ordered by the courts. The programs feature progress monitoring while the patient  is in treatment; court- and state-required drug screening; and educational services for those who do not require full treatment.

Dual diagnosis program: When patients have mental illness in addition to alcoholism or drug addiction, our dual diagnosis program coordinates treatment for both conditions. Residential, intensive outpatient and outpatient services are available.

Detoxification and residential program: Our inpatient addiction treatment program combines evidence-based medical care with therapy based on motivational interviewing. The first step is a medically supervised detox from drugs and alcohol, followed by brief residential addiction treatment. The program offers up to 10 days of 24-hour/day medically supervised care, including detoxification and stabilization, group treatment, family treatment groups and case management by our exceptional staff.

Day residential program: Patients in our day residential treatment live at home while filling their days with social and mental health support to help them recover from alcoholism and other drug addiction. It offers daily structure, support and group treatment for one to two weeks following a residential or detox stay; eight hours of programming each day; and ongoing case management.