Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery

Steps Against Recurrent Stroke (STARS)
Take Steps Against Recurrent Stroke (STARS) by making the necessary changes in your life. For stroke survivors, this STARS brochure is a great place to start. View the PDF.

What stroke survivors need to know about treating one-sided muscle weakness after stroke. View the PDF

Medication adherence and compliance
Get the most out of your medications with information about filling and refilling prescriptions, talking with doctors and pharmacies, overcoming cost barriers, and tracking and organizing single or multiple medications. View the PDF.

Mobility after stroke
Learn about treatments for paralysis and spasticity after stroke. View the PDF.

Stroke and Social Security Disability Insurance
Learn whether you are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), plus discover SSDI benefits, how to apply, tips for financial planning and more in this indispensible guide. View the PDF.
Stroke and vision loss
Learn about how stroke may affect vision and what to do about it. View the PDF.

HOPE: The Stroke Recovery Guide is a resource with valuable information about stroke and post-stroke recovery. View the PDF.

Living After Stroke is a series of webinars and resource guides to help caregivers and stroke survivors with post-stroke challenges such as adjusting to life at home, work and in the community, and accessing services. Visit Living After Stroke.

Recommended Resources
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National Aphasia Association
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