President's Message

Art Johnson

Dear friends,

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center has been providing the finest, most compassionate medical care to all in its community, regardless of a person’s ability to pay, since 1875. Over the years, the St. Vincent Hospital Foundation has worked to keep the hospital on the leading edge of medical care and research. We are in the business of care and treatment, and our donors make that possible.

Because of the generous support of our donors, the Providence St. Vincent Hospital Foundation has been able to make some amazing things happen. More parents of young athletes are confident their child isn’t at risk of a serious heart problem because their child received a free Play Smart heart screening. Innovative treatment options are being developed for patients with multiple sclerosis. Being in the hospital is now a more positive experience for kids as a third Child Life Specialist provides comfort for our youngest and most vulnerable patients. The list goes on and on and none of this would be possible without donor support.

Providence is all about the community, and you are the driving force behind reaching our goals. From the tiny babies in the NICU to the giant steps being made in heart research, your gift allows Providence St. Vincent to provide excellent and compassionate care for all.

The St. Vincent Medical Foundation’s website highlights our centers of excellence and our funding priorities. Please take a few moments to explore the site and then join the thousands of donors throughout this community who support this exceptional place of caring and healing.

I am truly honored to support Providence St. Vincent and be a part of such a powerful community and I hope you will join me in this very worthwhile journey.

Warm regards,

Paul Rosenbaum
President, Council of Trustees
Providence St. Vincent Medical Foundation