President's Message

Art Johnson

Dear friends,

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center has been providing the finest, most compassionate medical care to all in its community, regardless of a person’s ability to pay, since 1875. That’s quite a history, and we are very proud of our heritage. But Providence St. Vincent is looking to the future as well.

We are looking to provide the latest technological advances to ensure patients receive the best care possible and, subsequently, ensuring that the hospital remains on the leading edge of medical care and research. We are harnessing the power of data to analyze results and to perfect best practices. And even as Providence leads the way in the area of health care reform, Providence St. Vincent’s excellence and commitment to the community remain constant.

Advances in medical treatment may be the best measure of the progress mankind has achieved over its history. With generous donor support, Providence St. Vincent will continue to attract the finest doctors and nurses. With donor support, we will keep up with the latest innovations in research and treatment. Loyal and generous support helped propel Providence St. Vincent to the top ranks of hospitals in the United States. Your help will keep us there.

Providence St. Vincent Medical Foundation’s website highlights our funding priorities. Please take a few moments to explore the site and then join the thousands of donors throughout this community who support this exceptional place of caring and healing.

I am proud to support Providence St. Vincent, and I hope you will join me in this very worthwhile journey.

Warm regards,
Paul Rosenbaum
President, Council of Trustees
Providence St. Vincent Medical Foundation