Funding Priorities

Each of our donors – literally thousands of individuals, corporations and foundations – provides the funding that makes it possible for us to support leading-edge research, acquire the latest technology, help the poor and vulnerable, and achieve a level of excellence that sets Providence St. Vincent Medical Center apart. Although many of our funding priorities have sizable goals, donations of any size are welcome. Each gift helps us achieve our goals. Your gift demonstrates your belief in our work. Thank you!

Living Our Mission

My Little Waiting Room®
Annual support of $177,000
A lack of child care can be a major obstacle for families tending to medical appointments or visiting hospitalized family members. To help, Providence St. Vincent Medical Center partnered with two dedicated community volunteers to open My Little Waiting Room in 2010. Since then, more than 13,000 families have benefited from this drop-in child care service, and the professional staff have cared for more than 18,000 children. Ongoing donor support for day-to-day operations is essential for the continued success of the program that means so much to so many.
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Center for Health Care Ethics
Annual support of $500,000
The ethics center promotes clinical ethics through development and application of exemplary practices, particularly in the areas of clinical ethics consultation and cross-cultural competencies at the end-of-life. The center's work has been widely recognized, setting standards for health care ethics not only at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center but statewide, nationally and internationally. The growing success has led the Ethics Center team to be called upon with increasing frequency to provide more consults, more support and more education. To meet these requests, the program needs funding for increased staffing and services.
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Child Life Specialists
$55,000 needed annually
Child life specialists are trained, certified professionals who have expertise in helping children cope with the stress and uncertainty of illness, injury, disability and hospitalization through play, education and self-expression. They support children who are undergoing diagnosis and treatment as well as those whose family members are receiving medical care. A minimum of $55,000 a year is needed to sustain this program for our youngest and most vulnerable patients.
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Cancer Support Services
$285,000 needed
Want to meet some every day heroes? Look no further than the Ruth J. Spear Breast Center at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. Here you will find counselors, patient navigators and "buddies" who walk with cancer patients, survivors and their families every step of the way. Your donations provide these vital services, bringing relief and comfort to those who are affected by breast cancer every day.
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The next generation of care

Providence Heart and Vascular Institute
$5.3 million needed
Heart and vascular treatment is evolving at a rapid pace. With foundation support, Providence Heart and Vascular Institute can remain at the forefront of care.
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  • Center for Advanced Heart Failure – People with heart failure represent one of the most challenging patient populations to care for because their condition has such an impact on their quality of life and ability to manage their own care. Providence Heart and Vascular Institute is developing heart failure clinics focused on high-risk patients as well as those who have advanced heart failure. Our goal is to create the best care experience to improve both the length and quality of life for these patients. To expand this program, we need $1 million.
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  • Innovation and technology – Providence Heart and Vascular Institute, utilizing decades of experience and one of the largest clinical databases in the United States, plans to increase clinical trials, develop innovative tools and processes, and partner with industry, universities and thought leaders around world to identify new ways to advance and improve heart and vascular care. With $3 million, we can recruit a medical director of research and innovation who will coalesce current research activities, leverage learning and create a culture of innovation that will infuse work across all of Providence. Funding will also support the addition of several innovation fellowships, which will allow us to adopt and use available technology more quickly.
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Research and Education

Providence Cancer Center
$250,000 needed
For the past 20 years, researchers at Providence Cancer Center have led the way nationally and globally in the promising field of cancer immunotherapy. In the lab and at the bedside, Providence researchers are finding new ways to activate a patient's own immune system to target and eradicate cancer cells while minimizing damage to normal tissue. Philanthropic support from inspired donors has allowed scientists to make exciting immunotherapy discoveries, including:

  • Potential vaccines for breast cancer, pancreas cancer, brain cancer and lung cancer
  • A novel approach to treat prostate or breast cancer using an OX40 antibody developed at the R. W. Franz Cancer Research Center in the Earle A. Chiles Research Institute on the campus of Providence Portland Medical Center
  • A new treatment for metastatic melanoma, pairing immunotherapy with high-dose radiation

    More new discoveries can be made with your help.
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Providence Orthopedic Institute
$350,000 goal
Providence Orthopedic Institute is focused on helping people live life to the fullest. Remaining mobile and active is a concern for people of all ages. Muscle and skeletal conditions cost society more in money and disability than any other health concern. The total estimated costs for the care of these conditions can exceed hundreds of billions of dollars annually, according to the American Medical Association.

Providence Orthopedic Institute works closely with more than 150 orthopedic physicians and surgeons to ensure patients receive superior, evidence-based care. The foundation provides philanthropic support so that the Institute can refine and replicate high standards of care, track techniques aimed at improving national outcomes, and educate the next generation of surgeons through our new orthopedic residency program.
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Providence Brain and Spine Institute
$450,000 goal
Providence Brain and Spine Institute treats the most difficult conditions of the brain, spine and nervous system. Our donors support innovative opportunities that allow our world-class doctors to advance leading-edge health and healing for our patients.

PBSI has implemented an ambitious three-year plan to establish itself as a destination center of excellence. Our goal is to serve the region as a clinical leader and research hub through key initiatives like:

  • Telemedicine – Providence Telestroke Network has partnered with 19 hospitals in Oregon and Washington to offer 24-hour-a-day access to some of the region's top stroke experts. As a result, our team has seen a 400-percent increase in stroke consultations since 2010. This success encourages us to expand the use of telehealth technology into rural and underserved communities for conditions such as multiple sclerosis and ALS.
  • Navigators – To ensure patients and families access the most beneficial resources, our goal is to expand nurse navigators throughout PBSI. Nurse navigators provide personalized attention to each patient during treatment and recovery, help patients understand their disease or condition, empower patients to make informed treatment decisions, and monitor patients as they progress through treatment.
  • Endowed chairs and research funds – Research is a major PBSI focus. Endowed funds give physicians the resources needed to pursue important research projects, bringing leading-edge care to our patients.
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For more detailed cases of support, please call Providence St. Vincent Medical Foundation at 503-216-2227.