Scholarly and Academic Activities

The residency program at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center is committed to fostering an environment of inquiry and scholarship among its residents. The medical center, with its many specialty centers, is actively engaged in ongoing clinical and outcomes research, and residents are encouraged to become involved.

PSVMC is a teaching affiliate of Oregon Health & Science University, where many of our faculty and physicians hold academic appointments. An ongoing commitment to evidence-based practice and critical review of the literature is part of the foundation of the residency program. All residents participate in scholarly activities under the mentorship and guidance of faculty.

  • 91% ABIM Board Pass Rate (2006-2015)
  • 9 National winners in the ACP Associates Competition in 9 years (2004-2012)
  • 8 Clinical vignette posters invited to National ACP Associates Competition in the past 5 years (2012 - 2015)

Each year residents from Providence St. Vincent Medical Center join colleagues from other residency programs in Oregon at the annual Oregon Chapter Scientific Meeting of the American College of Physicians.

You can view a complete list of recent awards and presentations here.

Quality Improvement

Medicine isn't just about knowing what to do to help people, it's about actually doing the things that we know work. At Providence St. Vincent, we teach not just evidence-based medicine, but quality improvement–the art of doing the right thing every time, for every patient. Each resident designs and implements a quality improvement project during protected time over the three year program. Our residents "learn by doing" and graduate with a unique set of skills including a deep understanding of systems of care delivery.

The overall goal of the QI curriculum is to develop the resident's knowledge and skills to evaluate and improve patient care practices.

Current and Past Quality Improvement Projects

Class of 2018
Delirium Prevention in the ACU - Madiha Ahmad, MD & Jill Provaznik, MD
Fall Prevention for Clinic Patients - Lan Ban, MD & Paulie Bruns, MD
Pneumococcal Vaccination for High Risk Patients – Ivan Biley, MD
Frailty Assessment to Prompt Palliative Care Consultation in the ICU – Angela Gibbs, MD
Prompt PCP Follow-up after Discharge to Prevent Readmission – Graham Wolf, MD

Class of 2017
Using the Teach-Back Method to Improve Adherence in Clinic – Lee Anthony, MD
Plain Language Hospital Discharge Instructions – Stephanie Griffith, MD
Improving COPD Inhaler Technique to Prevent Readmission – Maeve MacMurdo, MD
Nurse Coaching to Improve CHF Outcomes in Clinic – Candace Meinen, DO
Lung Cancer Screening in Clinic – Justin Moyers, MD
Reduction of Polypharmacy in Clinic – Skye Robins, MD
Cost Reduction through Appropriate Use of Telemetry – Wendy Yu, MD
Hepatitis C Screening – Danny Wightman, MD

Class of 2016
Root Cause Analysis of Sepsis Mortality – Rhett Butler, M.D.
iPad ACP Decision Support Videos to Standardize POLST Discussions in Clinic – Jacque Dunn, M.D. & Brandon Young, M.D.
Improving influenza immunization rates in patients ≥65 – Jason Heino, M.D.
Improving documentation of immunizations in patients ≥65 – Laura Holton, M.D.
Hepatitis A and B Vaccination for Patients with Chronic Liver Disease – Amer Salam, M.D.
Early Mobilization in the ICU – Roberta Trandev, M.D.

Class of 2015
MEWS screening for Sepsis - Michael Bleet, M.D.
Sepsis Order Set Utilization - Natalie Freidin, M.D.
Patient Videos - Code Status & Goals of Care - Lela Gonzales, M.D.
Homelessness curriculum - Abby Hikida, M.D.
Shared Decision Making to decrease MRIs for Low Back Pain - Thuy-Tien Pham, M.D.
Improving inpatient satisfaction on the ACU - Leela Rao, M.D.
Value-based healthcare rounds - Saneea Tanwir, M.D.

Class of 2014
Chronic Pain Assessments - Lakshmi Aggarwal, M.D.
Chronic Pain Assessments - Jeremy Cree, M.D.
Patient Videos - Code Status & Goals of Care - Sarah Dawson, DO
MEWS as a predictor of Code Blues - Patricia Fogarty, M.D.
Tracking out-of-office care utilization - Steve Francis, M.D.
Optimizing COPD Registry - PFTs - Laura Longwell, DO
Reducing Benzodiazepine Use - Tom Shi, M.D. 
Palliative Care in CHF Patients - Jennifer Vineyard, DO
Central Line Placement Intern Education - Tyler Weaver, M.D.