Our Current Residents

Our residents originate from several areas throughout the U.S. and beyond. Despite varied academic backgrounds, geographic diversity and career goals ranging from primary care to academic research, our residents share one common goal: to become the best physicians possible.

PGY - 1


Chad Brizendine, M.D.

Medical School: University of Rochester
Undergraduate: Whitman College, Philosophy

Chad first fell in love with the Pacific Northwest while attending Whitman College. He studied Ancient philosophy there and further refined his background in technology by working part time while he went to school. He plans to utilize this experience to further innovate the use of technology in medical education. He also has a passion for discovering new coffee brewing methods, watching Japanese animation, and growing Phalaenopsis Orchids. His career goals include pursuing fellowship in Oncology and Palliative care and becoming a clinician educator where he can treat patients and share his passion for Medical Humanities and Bioethics with both his colleagues and students.


Carly Crider, D.O.

Medical School: Western University of Health Sciences
Undergraduate: Western Washington University, Biology/Anthropology

Carly is a native of the Pacific Northwest and a vocalist. She sang regularly in a cappella group of students and staff and has performed at school functions and community events. Other interests include playing acoustic guitar, hiking & spending time outdoors, knitting/crocheting, and enjoys a good cup of coffee. She has an interest in critical care or hospice/palliative medicine where she can provide comprehensive, compassionate, high quality care for her patients.


Barbara Jacobs, M.D.

Medical School: Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Barbara grew up in a small town in Austria where her father is a family physician. She has been awarded scholarships for her academic excellence and research. Outside of medicine, Barbara enjoys running, hiking, traveling, developing photos in her own darkroom, and playing the piano (which she has enjoyed since age 7). In addition to being fluent in German and English, Barbara is conversant in French and Spanish. She is thrilled to be able to complete her residency in Portland to be with her husband. Rheumatology is an area of medicine of particular interest for Barbara.


Katharine ‘Kate’ Marshall, M.D.

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University
Undergraduate: Lewis and Clark College, Studio Art

Kate had a prior career as a studio artist and has held several gallery shows in the Portland art scene. To support her art endeavors, Kate become a Phlebotomist, which introduced her to the world of medicine. Her favorite hobby is writing. Since 2010 she has published four books: 3 readaptations of Pride & Prejudice, and has written her own webcomic. Kate is considering a future career in Primary Care. She is a new mom to a beautiful girl, Betty.


Kathleen Moffitt, M.D.

Medical School: University of Mississippi
Undergraduate: University of Mississippi, Spanish

Kathleen comes to us from Mississippi. Her grandfather, a small town physician, taught her to be holistic in her care of patients. She majored in Spanish, studied abroad in Spain and Argentina, and has done work as a Spanish interpreter in medical and non-medical settings. Other interests include choral and instrumental music. Particularly the oboe, which she has played in the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra. She will join her husband here in Portland who works at Intel.


Cody Talbot, D.O.

Medical School: Western University of Health Sciences
Undergraduate: Oregon State University, Pharmaceutical

Cody was born and raised in Oregon. He worked for 8 years in the pipe-bursting and tunnel industry and then decided to go back to school. Cody rotated with us as a medical student and we couldn’t be happier he is joining our program. His hobbies include everything involving the outdoors: fishing, hiking, camping, and mountain biking; and being with family. He has two daughters, Juniper and Willa. Cody plans to pursue Hospitalist medicine.


Brandon Tullis, M.D.

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University
Undergraduate: Brigham Young University, Biophysics

Brandon rotated with us a medical student as well. He has held several volunteer leadership roles which included student government, student health insurance committee, interest group, research, and a 2-year mission in Sweden. Brandon enjoys playing the violin/fiddle; and was a violinist in an orchestra that placed 3rd at the National Orchestra Competition. Brandon and his wife have a two young sons, Oliver and Lorenzo. Brandon has done extensive research but was especially admired for his work ethic and commitment to his patients.


Qian ‘Lucy’ Zhou, M.D.

Medical School: University of Washington
Undergraduate: University of Washington, Molecular, Cellular Biology

Lucy was born in Tianjin, China. Over the years she has done volunteer work with the underserved, homeless, and rural community populations. She has a particular interest in cultural diversity and plans to deepen this sensitivity in her health care experience. Lucy graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Washington. She was also a student representative for local ACP chapter and facilitated several student events in medical school. Her career interests may include Cardiology or Gastroenterology. Outside of medicine; she enjoys cooking, hiking, traveling and swimming.


Eric Nesbit, M.D.

Medical School: Northwestern University
Undergraduate: Whitman College, Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology

Eric grew up in West Linn so is very familiar with Oregon. He prepared manuscripts, one of which has been published, and delivered an oral presentation regarding his research in palliative sedation at the 2014 national meeting of the American Society of Bioethics and Humanities.  Outside of medicine, he enjoys cycling, hiking, and skiing. After his preliminary year, Eric will return to Northwestern to continue his training in Radiation Oncology.


Joseph Simonett, M.D.

Medical School: Northwestern University
Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin, Genetics

Joe is originally from Minnesota. He completed extensive research in medical school and has published several articles in the field of Ophthalmology. Outside of medicine, Joe enjoys running, basketball, and ultimate Frisbee, he also played soccer for the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology during a college semester abroad. He loves all outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, and snowboarding. Upon completing his preliminary year, Joe will continue his training in Ophthalmology at OHSU/Casey Eye Institute.


Christa Slaught, M.D.

Medical School: University of California, Los Angeles
Undergraduate: University of California, Los Angeles, Psychobiology

Christa originally started college with the intention of becoming a film editor. She quickly found her desire in medicine where she has excelled and was nominated to AOA. She loves to travel, enjoys photography, videography, and painting as well as hiking, running, group fitness and yoga. Christa spent a year in Botswana coordinating care for patients with complex dermatologic diseases. She will be going to OHSU for Dermatology after her year with us.

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PGY - 2


Madiha Ahmad, M.D. 

Medical school: University of Mississippi
Undergraduate: University of Alabama, Biology

Madiha says she went into medicine because she enjoys problem-solving and helping others. She considers her most important role as a physician to be listening to patients and providing health care that is consistent with their goals and beliefs. She especially enjoys working as a team with her patients to provide the best possible medical care. She was inspired to go into medicine by her physician father. Born in Pakistan, she was raised with her two siblings in Mississippi. Outside of work, Madiha enjoys cooking, reading and traveling. She worked for AmeriCorps teaching reading to elementary age children.


Lan Ban, M.D.

Medical school: University of Tennessee
Undergraduate: Georgia Institute of Technology, Biomedical Engineering

Lan emigrated from China at age 16. After studying biochemistry in college, he worked for AmeriCorps, tutoring students with learning disabilities and teaching algebra at an inner-city high school in Tennessee. Through teaching, he says he learned to celebrate small successes and problem solve with creativity. When he's not working, Lan enjoys reading, playing basketball and soccer, jogging, swimming and hiking. He keeps us all entertained with his dry sense of humor.


Ivan Biley, M.D. 

Medical school: University of Washington
Undergraduate: Washington State University, Biology & Psychology

Ivan was volunteering at a free clinic in southwest Washington as a Russian/Ukrainian-English interpreter when he fell in love with the medical profession. “This field is intellectually stimulating, ever-changing and allows me to help people and make a meaningful contribution to society,” he says. His number one role as a physician is to educate his patients about their health, illnesses and available treatments, and empower them to make their own choices. “I am a very good listener,” he says. “I treat every one of my patients as an individual.” 

Raised in rural Ukraine, Ivan immigrated to the United States at age 15. When he's not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, watching soccer and football and reading. He speaks Russian, Ukrainian and Transcarpathian dialect. Ivan is interested in a career in primary care or hospital medicine


Paulie Bruns, M.D. 

Medical school: Florida State University
Undergraduate: University of West Florida, Biochemistry

Paulie entered health care later in life, earning her medical degree from Florida State University after raising two children. “I wanted a career in service that was intellectually challenging and required lifelong learning,” she says. “I get to know my patients as people and help them maintain or achieve the best health and quality of life possible.” She considers her most important role as a provider to be service and caregiving. She is especially interested in the field of geriatrics.

Local and global service work are Dr. Bruns' passions, and she was involved in multiple projects throughout undergraduate and graduate school with a focus on seniors and global health. She also enjoys painting, drawing, quilting, kayaking, hiking and camping.


Angela Gibbs, M.D. 

Medical school: University of Washington
Undergraduate: Reed College, Biology

Angela became interested in becoming a physician after spending time doing cancer research at Oregon Health & Science University after college. She also volunteered at a free medical clinic in Gresham, which solidified her decision. She says her most important role as a provider is to be a good listener. “We can't always heal, but we can always listen.” “I like to hear my patients’ stories and learn about the interesting paths their lives have taken.” Angela grew up in Montana, and is the first member of her family to go to medical school. When she’s not working, she enjoys running, rock climbing, and building and racing drift cars. She has been a pit crew chief and raceway judge.


Maeve MacMurdo, M.D.

Medical school: University of Otago, New Zealand

Maeve was born in New Zealand where she completed her medical training before moving with her husband to Portland for her internal medicine residency. She is passionate about patient and resident education, and aspires to a career in Pulmonology and Critical Care. She states that her primary goal in clinic is to ensure that her patient’s receive treatment for their medical conditions in a way that respects their individual values and priorities. In her time away from the hospital, Maeve enjoys hiking, reading and weight lifting. She is always happy to answer questions about New Zealand, but plans to make America her permanent home.


Jill Provaznik, M.D. 

Medical school: University of Arkansas
Undergraduate: University of Arkansas, Biology & Spanish

Jill was born in Portland, but raised in Arkansas. She has a background in alpine mountain climbing and has climbed the Grand Teton in Wyoming, several peaks in the Andes of Ecuador and Peru, and has attempted to summit Denali in Alaska. After completing her undergraduate degree, she spent a year teaching English in Spain and has volunteered in clinics in Costa Rica and Guatemala. Jill plans to practice hospital medicine, with community service as an integral part of her career. When not working, she enjoys hiking with her dog, yoga, cycling, and cooking.


Michael Tran, D.O.

Medical school: Western University
Undergraduate: University of Washington, Biology

Michael’s father is an internal medicine physician who immigrated to America during the Vietnam War and built a practice in Portland. Michael has chosen to follow in his father footsteps to serve his community and advocate for public health issues. Michael is passionate about being part of philanthropic groups and finds fulfillment in helping others. He is interested in pursuing a career in cardiology. Outside of medicine, Michael enjoys tennis, snowboarding, football, disc golf, photography, board games, baking and running.


Graham Wolf, M.D. 

Medical school: Georgetown University
Undergraduate: Georgetown University, Music

Graham graduated magna cum laude, earning his medical degree from Georgetown University, where he also completed his undergraduate degree in music. His work as an emergency medical technician solidified his interest in medicine. Graham is an accomplished musician. He plays, writes and records on guitar, banjo and piano. Other interests include graphic design, cooking, hiking, backpacking and camping. He is proficient in English and Spanish.


Weifang "Wendy" Yu, M.D.

Medical school: Tianjin Medical University, China

Wendy says it is fascinating to her to help those in need, make a difference and yet continue to learn on a daily basis. "I would tell my potential patients thank you for trusting me with your health. I'm here to listen and help," she says. She and her family later moved to San Diego, where she continued research at University of California, San Diego. Dr. Yu was excited to return to clinical medicine and hopes to become an oncologist.. Born in China, Dr. Yu's native language is Mandarin. When she's not working, she enjoy spending time with her husband and two daughters, cooking, yoga and Zumba.

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PGY - 3

Lee Anthony, M.D. 

Lee Anthony, M.D. 

Medical school: Oregon Health & Science University
Undergraduate: University of Oregon, biology

Lee says being a physician gives him the opportunity to learn, problem solve and work with people. “I feel honored to be able to serve my patients.” "I am reminded daily how resilient people are. My goal is to keep my patients as physically functional as possible. I try to consider the whole person, and my goal is allowing them the ability to thrive.”

An Iraq War veteran, Lee worked as a combat medic instructor with the Oregon Army National Guard, where he still volunteers. He grew up in Illinois in a family of 10. In his free time, he enjoys jogging, bicycling, gardening and woodworking.

Stephanie Griffith, M.D. 

Stephanie Griffith, M.D.

Medical school: University of Washington
Undergraduate: Oregon State University, biology

Stephanie is a native Pacific Northwesterner who plans to stay in the Portland area. She has a strong interest in teaching fellow residents and medical students and hopes to one day be faculty in a residency program. Prior to medical school she worked for 10 years as a caregiver in assisted living facilities and feels those experiences have helped shape her as a physician. Outside of medicine she enjoys spending time with her husband and their young son, enjoying all the PNW has to offer!

Candace Meinen, D.O. 

Candace Meinen, D.O.

Medical school: Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine, Midwestern
Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin, biology and chemistry

Candace considers her most important role as a medical provider developing a trusting relationship with her patients “so they always feel like they can come to me with any concerns or questions.” She describes herself as an “upbeat, high-energy person” and says she wanted to become a physician to help people “be the best they can be from a health standpoint.” She is pursuing a fellowship in Sleep Medicine.

She has a long history of volunteer work at hospitals, care facilities and Boys & Girls Club. Born and raised in Chippewa Falls, Wis., Candace enjoys photography, traveling, hiking, swimming, participating in triathlons and spending time with her family and friends.

Justin Moyers, M.D. 

Justin Moyers, M.D.

Medical school: University of Kansas
Undergraduate: University of Kansas, chemistry

Prior to residency, Justin was able to publish several articles in medically related fields. He has thoroughly enjoyed taking care of patients in the Portland area and hear their stories while providing medical care. Previously, he played in trumpet in Jazz and Concert ensembles, but currently continues to enjoy classical and jazz music.  When he's not in the hospital he enjoys, traveling, hiking around the northwest, and enjoying Portland. Justin plans to pursue a career in Hematology and Oncology after residency.

Nikolas Robins, M.D. 

Skye Robins, M.D.

Medical school: University of Arizona
Undergraduate: University of Arizona, microbiology

Skye born in Tucson, Arizona but grew up with strong Finnish roots.  In high school he was an exchange student in Finland where he studied violin, piano and composing at Vaskivouri Music School, also becoming conversational in Finnish.  Although he still plays as a hobby, he became interested in biology and medicine, and has published on a variety of subjects including insect sociobiology, quarum sensing and microsociobiology.  When he's not working, he enjoys spending time with his husband, two cats and his dog.  Skye plans to pursue a career in primary care after residency.


Danny Wightman, M.D. 

Medical school: American University of the Caribbean
Undergraduate: University of Utah, Political Science

Danny was born and raised in Utah. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and young daughter, golfing, bowling, playing disc golf, running and playing the guitar. He is considering a career in Gastroenterology or Hospital Medicine.

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