Treating athletes like athletes

Providence Sports Injuries Therapy and Prevention offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment, focusing on returning injured athletes to activity as quickly and safely as possible. Since every sport requires something different of an athlete, your particular sport or exercise routine will play an integral role in your evaluation and treatment plan.


Our goal is to evaluate your condition and establish a treatment plan during your first visit so you can begin your recovery as quickly as possible. This is done during a private one-hour session with an experienced sports physical therapist. Following evaluation, the therapist will start you on a customized treatment program, including activities that can be done independently at home or at your gym.


The comprehensive treatment services at Providence Sports Therapy emphasize nonsurgical care and rehabilitation whenever possible. If you have had surgery, we can help speed your recovery through rehabilitation. In addition, our sports therapists are experienced in:

  • Sport-specific therapeutic exercise
  • Joint mobilization and manual therapy
  • Specialized taping techniques
  • Aquatics
  • Pilates
  • Video treadmill running analysis
  • Golf swing analysis
  • Biomechanical cycling analysis
  • Custom orthotic construction

Not all services are available at all locations; to learn more about services in your area, please call us.