Chair's Message

Dan FloydDear friends,

It’s a pleasure and an honor for me to serve as your Providence Portland Medical Foundation chairman of the board for 2013. I’ve been associated with Providence for many years and feel blessed to lead this foundation board. In health care, the times are changing while finances are becoming increasingly challenging. That’s why our role as a foundation board and as philanthropic leaders is so important.

In 2013, we’re scheduled to contribute $8.4 million to fund operations, capital purchases and innovative care at Providence Portland Medical Center.  The largest single area of support is in the field of cancer research. Not too many years ago the federal government provided 70 percent of the funding to operate the Robert W. Franz Cancer Research Center within the Earle A. Chiles Research Institute.  Those federal funding levels have dropped dramatically. As a result, local philanthropy, led by the foundation, provides more than 50 percent of the funding needed to operate our cancer research efforts. That support comes from you, our donors. We are extremely grateful to you and your continued support.

Our foundation also funds a number of other important projects and services. Guest housing at Providence Portland promises to provide safe, convenient and affordable accommodations for patients and their families who travel to this campus from outside the area. The foundation has identified this as a tremendous need, since our hospital has an increasingly regional patient base. As we continue to grow as a destination for quality health care services, guest housing becomes an increasingly vital service. We accept that challenge and promise to raise the funds necessary to make it a reality.

In addition, the foundation will raise funds to open and operate My Little Waiting Room, a drop-in child care service for our patients and their families. We also will support the hospice program, heart and vascular services, charity care, spiritual care services and medical education, among many others.

Finally, we as a board have a responsibility to cultivate the next generation of philanthropists … our future board members. It’s our responsibility to embrace, educate and recruit future leaders who will help build the next research center, find new cures and treatments, and provide support to those who need it most. As part of our work, the board will craft and plan a plan that engages a younger audience in supporting Providence Portland Medical Center.

Please know that the work we do is important. The support you provide is essential. You are our partner. We’re all in this together, for the betterment of our community.

With appreciation,

Dan Floyd, chair
Providence Portland Medical Foundation