Our Graduates

"Our residents consistently get the positions they want. Residents who want prestigious fellowships find them. Residents who want an outpatient or hospitalist practice find many opportunities in Portland or elsewhere. Our faculty are well known and well connected and coming out of this program can really make a difference. Faculty will do whatever is helpful to get us to our next step - mentoring, collaborating, writing letters, making phone calls..."

Jeff Campbell, M.D.


Fellowships Obtained
 Recent Smaller Town Practices
  • Mayo Clinic
Martha's Vineyard, MA
Billings, MT
Carson City, NV
Coos Bay, OR
Grants Pass, OR
Newberg, OR
The Dalles, OR
Long Beach, WA Olympia, WA
Yakima, WA
  • Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia
  • University of Texas, San Antonio
  • University of New Mexico
General Medicine
  • Harvard University
  • Oregon Health Science University
  • University of Utah
  • University of Tennessee
  • MD Anderson
  • Dartmouth University
  • Bay State Medical Center
  • Indiana University
Infectious Disease
  • University of Utah
  • Oregon Health Science University
  • Harvard
  • Oregon Health Science University
Occupational Medicine
  • University of Colorado
Palliative Care
  • Oregon Health Science University
  • University of California, Davis
Pulm/Critical Care
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • NIH
  • Medical College of Wisconsin
  • University of Washington
Women's Health
  • Cleveland Clinic