Academic Achievements

99% ABIM pass rate (1998-2012)

Eleven national winners in ACP Associates Competition (1998-2013)

Our program has had more national winners during this time period than any other program in the country.
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Resident Grand Rounds Presentations 2011-13

  • Clinical Vignettes and Literature Reviews
    • Morgan, C., ACP Case Presentation: Two for One: (Pulmonary Sarcoma)
    • Riley, C., ACP Case Presentation: Don't Fear the Reefer...? (Marijuana induced pain syndrome)
    • Sayson, K., ACP Case Presentation: It's everywhere but Nowhere... (Intravascular Lymphoma)
    • Seaman, Andrew, Reinventing How We Think About HIV Screening – A Resident’s Journey From Portland to Kenya to Salem and Back
  • Evidence Based Topic Analysis
    • Childers, S., Chronic Pain and Duloxetine
    • Cotten, C., Breast Cancer Chemoprevention in High Risk Postmenopausal Women
    • Gobble, T., Lung Cancer Screening: Harms and Benefits
    • Okeke, A., Improving Transitions of care to reduce hospital readmissions
    • Olsgaard, J., Oseltamivir in the ICU
    • Powell, J., Risk of radiation-induced lung cancer from CT
    • Rosen, A., Knee arthroplasty in octogenarians
    • Talbot, J., Gabapentin Pharmacotherapy in Alcohol Dependence
  • Chief Resident Presentation
    • Dayton, J., An Update in Obstructive Sleep Apnea
    • Childers, C., Transitions of Care: Improving Patient Safety
    • Geissal, E., Common Medical Practices with Dubious Supportive Evidence