Meet Our Residents

Our residents come to our program with great diversity. They come from all parts of the country and with a broad range of experiences. What they have in common is a commitment to excellence and a desire to make the health care system better. This commonality is palpable throughout the program and is visible in the work the graduates do once they leave the program.

Message from the Chief Resident

Craig Riley, M.D.Welcome to Providence Portland!

Congratulations for making the decision to interview at our residency program. I came to Providence Portland because I felt it was a truly special residency, one uniquely positioned to offer the highest quality of medical education and also provide educational opportunities to maximize my career potential. Even with my high initial expectations, my experience here has far exceeded them on both fronts. This residency opened every door I ever considered walking through and gave me a well-rounded education to be prepared for any choice I desired.

This is a small program that provides the opportunities of a large one. The faculty here are highly decorated and nationally recognized, heavily involved in resident education, and always approachable. They are available to mentor resident research and system-level quality improvement projects, award-winning regional and national meeting presentations, and advise a wide variety of career choices. As a third-year resident, I was interested in a combined infectious disease and critical care fellowship, and through the guidance of Dr. David Gilbert, was connected to the NIH. Other residents have established longitudinal mentor relationships with a variety of subspecialists who freely share their time and expertise to teach them how to perform procedures such as endoscopy and bronchoscopy, and help them acquire their desired fellowship.

The advantages of the smaller size however are numerous. Residents know one another very well, creating a cohesive, friendly, supportive environment, full of positive energy. We learn from each other and push each other in ways that are lost in larger programs. Morning report bursts with evidence-based discourse, back and forth between highly educated residents, and didactics prepared by residents, augmented by faculty rather than disseminated by them. Resident suggestions for improvement at housestaff conference and resident-led sub-committees are heard and quickly incorporated. We see the absence of fellows as an advantage, removing barriers to direct communication with subspecialists who are eager to teach and mentor, and allowing rapid growth in knowledge and judgment. Our procedures rotation offers multiple opportunities throughout the hospital for interns to become proficient in endotracheal intubation, central line and arterial line placement, and many other useful procedures, without having to stand in line behind fellows.

The opportunities available for career development extend far beyond the hospital. Advanced focus programs and tracks exist in Primary Care, Women's Health, HIV, Hospitalist Medicine, Palliative Care, and Behavioral Medicine. International relationships we have established with Kenya and Guatemala provide the opportunity of a lifetime for those interested, and careers for those committed. Caring for a young mother with complications of HIV and a CD4 count of zero during my time in Kenya forever changed how I look at resource utilization, how I value compassion as a clinician, and how I look at myself in the mirror. Residents have also designed their own international experience and completed rotations in the United Kingdom, South America, and Rwanda.

Finally, this residency not only optimizes our educational and professional potential, but while doing so, provides the opportunity for balance. As a first-year resident, I purchased a home. As a second-year resident, my wife and I had our first child. Many residents find the time during residency to participate in organized sporting events, run marathons, volunteer, moonlight, and develop flourishing social lives.

I truly believe Providence Portland has the leadership, the faculty, and the infrastructure to optimize every resident's educational and career potential. I believe the opportunities here are much more diverse and as academically rigorous as any university program, with the potential for balance and customization that is not prevalent elsewhere. I am confident that we can demonstrate that to you on your interview day.

Craig Riley, M.D.
Chief Resident