Meet Our Residents

Our residents come to our program with great diversity. They come from all parts of the country and with a broad range of experiences. What they have in common is a commitment to excellence and a desire to make the health care system better. This commonality is palpable throughout the program and is visible in the work the graduates do once they leave the program.

Message from the Chief Resident

JessePowellWelcome to Providence Portland Medical Center!

Choosing a residency is an exciting time in your life, and we are thrilled for you to explore our special program here at Providence Portland Medical Center. We are a not-for-profit hospital situated in Portland's eclectic Eastside. We are proud to offer an academically-rigorous, comprehensive internal medicine training in a supportive environment.

Providence Portland Medical Center-nationally recognized as a top hospital for safety and quality-is a state-of-the-art facility that attracts some of the region's finest physicians and nurses. We have a dedicated faculty whose primary focus is to teach our residents compassionate, humane, high-value, evidence-based medicine. Our faculty are experienced, noted educators with a broad range of sub-specialties represented. This was immediately apparent to me during my interview day and was ultimately a major factor in why I chose to come here for residency. During the morning report on my interview day I saw a lively and good-natured debate between a very sharp resident and a very wise rheumatologist that was unlike anything I had seen on the interview trail. The quality of teaching continues to impress me today.

We do not have fellows at our hospital so it is easy to develop relationships directly with specialists. If you are especially interested in learning more from a faculty member you admire, or if you want more experience in a subspecialty area, you can sign up to "share" a practice with an attending of your choice for a year. This would mean that half of your outpatient clinic days during the year are spent seeing patients together with that faculty member or specialist. This is an unparalleled way to learn skills one-on-one. You will also have ample opportunity to learn procedures. Our residents perform dozens of central lines and intubations. Some even arrange to learn advance techniques, such as bronchoscopy and endoscopy, which is valuable experience for those preparing for fellowship.

One of my favorite aspects of our program is the way we innovate based on resident ideas. For example, a few years ago our residents decided we wanted more out of our noon conference lecture series. We overhauled the existing structure and implemented theme-based conference sessions that span an entire week. On Monday during 'Sepsis Week', for example, we spend an hour reading landmark articles on surviving sepsis, on Tuesday we are in small groups discussing cases, Thursday is a Q&A with a Pulmonologist, and Friday we run scenarios in the simulation lab. The sessions are co-developed by residency and faculty so everyone is involved and the material stays relevant to resident needs. Scattered throughout the year we also have special sessions on resident wellness, ethics, and closed-door meetings with visiting Grand Rounds speakers.

We value patient relationships. We believe that knowing the patient as a person is an integral part of delivering good care. We know that sometimes you just need to close the computer and listen to the patient. We value resident relationships. We have a budget to pay for food so residents can get together regularly outside of work. The residents during my years have made life-long friends of their fellow resident-colleagues. You will do the same.

Residency is so much more enjoyable when you can balance it with a rich life outside of work. Our residents enjoy living in one of the most bikeable, walkable, livable cities in America. Routinely ranked as one of the "Best Cities in America", Portland is ringed by rivers, mountains, and green forests. There are endless outdoor opportunities, from picking raspberries to surfing in the ocean. And the vibrant city is full of restaurants, microbreweries, coffee-shops, markets, and boutiques to explore.

I invite you to come interview with us, and look forward to personally welcoming you to one of the best residency experiences in the country.

Jesse Powell, M.D.
Chief Resident