Welcome to our Alumni section. We hope you enjoy seeing what your fellow Providence Portland Medical Center resident colleagues are doing these days and please send us an update on your current status. We will not directly publish anyone’s contact information but we will forward requests to the individual alumni member if we have permission to do so.


  • Jessica Chan, D.O.
    Geriatric Fellowship, OHSU
  • Gita Gelfer, D.O.
    Hospitalist, PMG East
  • Caroline McCulley, M.D.
    Rheumatology Fellowship, OHSU
  • Jen Rosenbaum, M.D.
    Endocrinology Fellowship, University of Washington
  • Louise Schultz, D.O.
    Chief Resident, PPMC
  • Janelle Stevens, D.O.
    Pulmonary / Critical Care Fellowship, OHSU
  • Nebiyu Tegegn, M.D.
    Hospitalist Kaiser California
  • Ijeoma Uche, M.D.
    PMG Urgent Care
  • Sarah Webber, M.D.
    Hospitalist, Salem Clinic


  • Sarah Childers, M.D.
    West Side Internal Med Portland
  • Cathie Cotten, M.D.
    Hospitalist, The Vancouver Clinic
  • Timothy Gobble, M.D.
    International work in Africa
  • Augustine Okeke, M.B.B.S
    Hospitalist, St. Anthony Hospital, Pendleton, OR
  • Naeemah Logan, M.D.
    HIV Research Peru
  • Jens Olsgaard, M.D.
    Hospitalist Portland Adventist
  • Jesse Powell, M.D.
    Chief Resident, PPMC, Portland, OR  / PMG Gateway
  • Amanda Rosen, M.D.
    Geriatric Residency, University of Washington / Hosptialist, The Vancouver Clinic
  • Jocelyn Talbot, M.D.
    Internal Medicine, The Vancouver Clinic


  • Craig Riley, M.D.
    Medical Education Faculty, PPMC, Portland, OR
    Primary Care, The Vancouver Clinic


  • James Dayton, M.D.
    Hospitalist, St Charles Medical Center, Redmond & Bend, OR


  • Tricia James, M.D.
    Medical Education Faculty, PPMC, Portland, OR


  • Courtland Childers, M.D.
    Medical Education Faculty, PPMC, Portland, OR


  • Brian Kendall, M.D.
    Infectious Diseases Faculty, PPMC, Portland, OR


  • Christopher Dale, M.D.
    Medical Director Quality & Value, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine, Swedish Medical Group, Greater Seattle Area 2016 Alumni Achievement Award Recipient


  • Janan Markee, M.D.
    Physician-Hospitalist, Providence Portland Medical Center, Portland, OR 2016 Alumni Achievement Award Recipient


  • Christy Risinger, M.D.
    Internal Medicine Physician, Seton Topfer Community Clinic, Austin, TX


  • Diana McNulty, M.D.
    Internal Medicine / Occupational Health and Spine Clinics, Freeport Health Network
    Stephenson County Health Department, Family Planning Clinic / Medical Director, Tuberculosis and STD Clinics, Freeport, IL


  • Porfirio Pena, M.D.
    Medical Director, Internal Medicine Associates, PPMC, OR


  • Marianne Parshley, M.D.
    Physician-Internal Medicine, Providence Medical Group, Portland, OR 2016 Alumni Achievement Award Recipient


  • Clark Parrish, M.D.
    Primary Care Internal Medicine Physician, PeaceHealth Medical Group, Bellingham, WA


  • James MacKay, M.D.
    Pensioner and amateur musician
    Providence Health Plans, Medical Director, Quality Management Administration, Portland, OR

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