Family Medicine Centers

Providence operates two Family Medicine Centers. One is located in the heart of Southeast Portland; the other is in Milwaukie, on the campus of Providence Milwaukie Hospital. Both centers have providers who are fluent in languages spoken by their patients and who are sensitive to patients' cultural expectations. Everyone on staff, from the front office to the practitioners, is dedicated to providing health care to vulnerable populations, with compassion and cultural competency. We strive to incorporate our core values of compassion, excellence, justice, respect and stewardship in our centers and in the community.

Key Features

Our FMC’s offer residents:

  • Increased faculty-to-resident ratio
  • Successful community-oriented family medicine practices
  • Accessible, comprehensive, coordinated care
  • Advocacy and outreach to the traditionally medically underserved as well as to growing ethnic minority communities
  • A fully implemented Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Team oriented work environment
  • Diverse patient population
  • Each resident has his or her own workspace
  • Online access to health resources, such as UpToDate, Medline and electronic journals
  • Dedicated medical assistant on clinic days
  • Procedure rooms for minor outpatient surgery
  • Access to specialists outside of the office


Residents are assigned to a Family Medicine Center in the first year and are based at that FMC throughout their residency. Residents are scheduled at set times in the FMC for easy access by their continuity patients.

  • R1 - 1-2 half-days/week
  • R2 - 2-3 half-days/week
  • R3 - 4-5 half-days/week