President's Message

Dear friends,

The year 2015 will be one of great progress and accomplishments. Thanks to your support, we know we can meet our goals to support this community’s health.

As I began my term as president of Providence Milwaukie Foundation, I first looked back at the shoes that I had been asked to fill. Fulfilling those high expectations would be a challenge, but knowing that the people who sit on this board with me have taken the spirit and Mission of Providence to where we are today gives me confidence and strength.

For me it’s a full circle – beginning from when Blessed Emilie Gamelin first reached out with a basket on her begging tours to then handing out loaves of bread to the needy, as depicted in the statues that now stand in most Providence hospitals.

I say this because our Milwaukie board and hospital have been given the task to reach out to people in our community and not only provide for their health needs but also make sure that no child goes to bed hungry. We’ll be helped in our work by our new community outreach program supported by the Providence Milwaukie Family Medicine Residency Program and Providence Milwaukie Healing Place, and benefiting, in part, Oregon Food Bank. In addition, the foundation helps fund free dental services and breast cancer screenings for people who otherwise couldn’t afford care, and we’ve helped provide state-of-the-art endoscopy services at Providence Milwaukie Hospital – all examples of how this foundation has reached out and helped uphold the philosophy and principles of Providence Health & Services.

For me personally, I’ve come full circle, too, as the motto of my medical school alma mater is “Live to Serve” and the philosophy of Providence has been just that. The blessing of “Love others as God loves you” that I have received so many times from Mother Teresa makes me now understand what she was really trying to tell me so many years ago.

As I take over this post, my ardent prayer is and will be: “My Lord, every day, in all circumstances, let me repeat with the full sincerity of my heart, may Thy will be done and not mine.”

To my fellow board members and to all who have been our generous supporters, I reach out to you and share this blessing:

“O marvelous Grace,
Let our aspiration be always more intense,
Our faith always more vibrant,
Our trust always more absolute,
Thou art the all – victorious!
Lead kindly light.”

Shirish Patel, M.D., president
Providence Milwaukie Foundation