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Providence Medical Group Patient and Family Advisory Program Volunteer

Providence Medical Group works with a group of 13 patients and family members of patients to improve how we care for patients who represent the patient and family voice, and together with providers, administrators and staff, help improve health care experiences for our patients and families.

What do Patient and Family Advisors do?
  • Patient and Family Advisory Council Member: Together with PMG leadership and staff, selected Advisors meet once a month to discuss important programs and policies in our health care system.
  • Participate on Committees: Bring the patient and family perspective to PMG committee meetings.
  • On-line Advisors: Will be available by email to respond to questions about particular health care topics.
  • Patient Education Review: Review patient education handouts, class materials, and participate in patient education programs.

These are some of the council’s projects and accomplishments

  • After-visit summary reports: These reports are intended to help Providence Medical Group patients remember and follow through on their provider's advice, but Benjamin LeBlanc, M.D., was told by several council members that they had never received one. That discovery prompted him to follow up with the clinics and reinforce their importance. Additionally, the council has made a number of recommendations that have helped increase usage of the reports.
  • Patient Centered Medical Home: Council members are helping put in place procedures that will help clinics better connect with patients, focusing on preventive care.
  • Review patient education materials: The feedback helps PMG make printed and online materials more understandable and useful.
  • Improve diabetes education classes: Members helped to standardize patient education and ease patient registration.

Leaders praise the council
“The advisory council is making amazing accomplishments. We need to have all our providers exposed to what they’re telling us, because it’s transforming how we think about the care we provide.”
– Benjamin LeBlanc, M.D., chief medical officer, PMG ambulatory quality

“When we hear that a policy or signage isn’t working for patients, we need to be willing to change it. With our support, the council has really taken ownership of the after-visit summary report, and is championing it with physicians and patients. I encourage all clinical areas at Providence to listen to the voice of their patients and customers, because it will improve care and raise patient satisfaction.”
– Cindy Klug, PMG division director of education

To be a Patient and Family Advisor volunteer, you must be: 

  • A Providence Medical Group patient at one of our clinics, or a family member of a patient.
  • Able to bring your perspective and see many different points of view.
  • Able to communicate and cooperate with individuals whose backgrounds, experiences and styles may be different from your own.
  • Must maintain confidentiality of patient and organizational sensitive information.

If you are interested in volunteering with Providence Medical Group Patient and Family Advisory Program, please contact us.

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