Bringing Cardiac Rehab Close to Home: Improve health outcomes and reduce costs

A Providence cardiac rehab expert supervises an exercise program for a patient recovering from a heart event. Benefits of cardiac rehabilitation:
*Improves cardiovascular fitness safely
*Provides education and counseling about heart disease and risk factors.
*Reduces/eliminates smoking
*Lowers cholesterol
*Controls high blood pressure
*Improves weight loss/control *Improves/manageable diabetes
*Increases physical activity
*Encourages healthy eating
*Improves psychological well being
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Millions of people in the United States are living with cardiovascular disease. How well they live, especially after a cardiovascular event or procedure depends greatly on how active they become afterward. Research studies emphasize the best way to prevent a second heart attack is to hit the treadmill. Yet many patients lose confidence and worry they’ll damage their heart if they exercise. The solution many times is to “prescribe” cardiac rehabilitation, which helps prevent further disability and even death . Patients participating in a structured cardiac rehab program gain strength and knowledge while improving the quality and length of their life.

Providence Cardiac Rehabilitation is a holistic, comprehensive exercise education and behavior modification program that improves the physical and emotional health of our patients with heart disease. A physician referral is required, and the program typically runs 34 to 36 sessions. Our cardiac rehab experts help patients who are recovering from a variety of heart events including open-heart surgery, heart attack, stent placement and stable angina. Patients can safely exercise and rebuild their fitness confidence, since  their heart is monitored constantly as they exercise.

Despite the evidence-based benefits, cardiac rehabilitation is underused – especially  among women, those living in rural areas, minorities, low-income patients and the elderly. Reasons include lack of nearby programs and low referral rates from physicians and other providers. Providence’s innovative, highly effective Cardiac Rehabilitation Program hopes to address this issue  by providing services locally at Providence Portland Medical Center (east Portland), Providence Willamette Falls Medical Censter (Clackamas County), and Providence Newberg Medical Center (Washington County). Locations will share state-wide Providence resources, use electronic data to provide connected care, use outcome data to foster quality improvement projects, and ultimately  improve patient health outcomes and reduce costs.

How you can help
Providence Medical Foundations are seeking $1 million to invest in exercise equipment, cardiac monitoring systems, computer hardware, work stations, renovations needed for each new rehabilitation center, and marketing outreach and outcomes review for the overall program.

For more information, or to pledge your support, please contact Jana Cole at 503-216-6612.