HCC Portland Citywide Project

Project Goals:
  • Gather as a community to hear the latest advances in HCC, to share our own treatment algorithms and hopefully to build collaborations between primary care doctors and specialists
  • Create a city, region, and ultimately state-wide protocol which will act as a guide to physicians caring for patients with cirrhosis and HCC.
  • The use of widely accepted guidelines will facilitate the collection of standardized data sets.  Sharing of such data sets will in turn facilitate research projects.

Portland Citywide HCC Meeting - March 20, 2013
  - Agenda (pdf)
  - Presentations (pdf)
       1. Hart Surveillance (pdf) 
       2. Holden Oregon Hepatoma Screening Initiative (pdf) 
       3. Bageac LIRADS (pdf) 
       4. Wolf RFA (pdf) 
       5. Hammill Ablation Technologies (pdf) 
       6. Farsad TACE (pdf) 
       7. Gibson TACE DEB (pdf) 
       8. Thiesing Yttrium 90 (pdf) 
       9. Fuss SBRT (pdf) 
       10. Crocenzi Immune Therapy (pdf) 
       11. Harris Sorafenib Combinations (pdf) 
       12. Naugler Citywide HCC (pdf)