Now, you don’t have to leave work to access high-quality health care.

Providence Health eXpress® is an on-site virtual health clinic that provides same-day appointments to help resolve minor medical conditions, including: cold, cough and allergy, flu, pinkeye and sties, acne, skin and nail issues, joint pain, cold sores and fever blisters, low-back pain, bladder infection, and more

Through a secure videoconferencing system, a medical appointment is conducted in a private room at your workplace. A licensed, board-certified family nurse practitioner from Providence Medical Group meets with you “face to face” and listens to your health concerns. You receive a treatment plan promptly and, if appropriate, a prescription. After your visit, you and your primary care provider receive a summary of the visit.

This service provides access to the same high-quality care you would receive from a Providence provider in person. In fact, 98 percent of those who have used Health eXpress would recommend it to a colleague.

Read more about how this service works, or watch the video.

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Four steps to making the most of Providence Health eXpress care: 
  1. Schedule a same-day appointment by calling 1-855-229-6460. Services are available Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
  2. Meet with a licensed, board-certified provider through secure videoconferencing. 
  3. Get treatment recommendations, which may include a prescription or lab tests. 
  4. Head back to work, and tell a colleague about this service.
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