How it works - Providence Health eXpress at the worksite

Through a secure, high-definition videoconferencing system, a real-time medical appointment is conducted in a private room at your workplace.

A licensed, board-certified Providence family nurse practitioner will meet with you “face to face.” After hearing your concerns and performing an examination, the nurse practitioner will give you treatment recommendations. You may receive a diagnosis, prescription or an order for lab tests.

If you need further care right away, the nurse practitioner can help you schedule a medical appointment. If you don’t have a primary care provider, the nurse practitioner can connect you with resources to help you find one.

Should you need a prescription, the nurse practitioner will fax it to your pharmacy. An after-visit summary will be sent to you and your primary care provider.

A first-hand look
Watch the video to see how it works: Providence Health eXpress
Also available in Spanish: Providence Health eXpress in Spanish