Providence Benedictine Nursing Center Foundation

For more information, contact Susan Gallagher, 503-845-2763.

To make a gift, you may print out a pledge form or make your gift online.

Building and Equipment/Choice Menu

This project continues Providence Benedictine Nursing Center’s ongoing and innovative efforts to make meals a culinary delight. Choice Menu is about giving the most fragile residents, the ones who opt not to eat in the dining room, more food choices and better accuracy in recording those choices. Using tablets, staff will help residents make their menu choices from a larger number of options.

Area of Greatest Need

Your contributions attend to the greatest needs of residents and patients. A fluctuating reimbursement system contributes to shifts in funding priorities. This fund helps us to fill in the gaps so that holistic care is never compromised.

Landscaping Fund/Harmony Lane

Your support will provide a more welcoming and green space for the residents living on the Harmony Lane. We will create a space that encourages residents to enjoy the outdoors and connect with plants and nature. This project honors our beloved nurse, Cassie Wagner, who passed away in 2014.