Providence Benedictine Nursing Center Foundation

For more information, contact Susan Gallagher, 503-845-2763.

To make a gift, you may print out a pledge form or make your gift online.

Mobilize Me! Special Equipment Fund: This project funds equipment that lifts residents and patients out of bed. When people are out of bed, they are happier, get better results from therapy, and can participate in activities, eat in the dining room and worship in the chapel. This fund will allow us to purchase tools that will help staff work smarter, not harder, and protect them from lifting injuries.

Area of Greatest Need: This fund ensures excellent care for all patients regardless of their ability to pay. The majority of our long-term care residents cannot afford the full cost of their care.

Child Development Center-Healthy Lifestyles: This fund will allow the Child Development Center Fund to promote rainy-day indoor, large-motor, rough-and-tumble activities. We will purchase equipment, such as scooters, gym mats and foam wedges. The aging floor will be replaced to make the space more inviting and easier to care for.