Signature Artist

We are pleased to announce the 2016 Signature Artist is Paula Blackwell.

Paula Blackwell is the Signature Artist for the 2016 Providence Festival of Trees in Seaside, Oregon.

Blackwell uses a combination of pigmented wax and oil on wood panels to create compelling landscapes that capture an air of mystery and timelessness. A setting moon in a moody night sky, stark white clouds on a blue sky backdrop, or alpenglow-kissed mountain summits are reflected in Blackwell's foreground waters.

There is a curious sense of familiarity in these landscapes. Where have I seen this … a dream? … an old movie? It's that mysterious atmosphere that Blackwell purposefully plants and cultivates in her landscapes as she manipulates layers of molten pigmented wax around her canvas. "Unlike in oil painting, my torch is my paintbrush," says Blackwell. She also uses pottery tools, dental tools and a variety of scrapers, trawls and spatulas to create visual depth and translucency.

She has been painting for 20 years, but became fascinated with encaustic painting in 2010 after seeing a fellow encaustic artist at work. Blackwell has been featured in several solo exhibitions in Pacific Northwest galleries and has participated in group shows at various venues around the country. Her work is currently featured in several coastal art galleries, including RiverSea Gallery in Astoria, White Bird Gallery in Cannon Beach, and Ryan Gallery in Lincoln City. This special signature piece will be available at auction during this year’s Festival of Trees gala.