Portland Festival of Trees designers


Designers create magic

Providence Festival of Trees is grateful for its tree designers – the many wonderful individuals and groups whose talents result in the beautiful trees available for auction at the opening night gala. These trees are the heart of our annual holiday display. Designers not only create works of art, but also often procure donations of gifts and services to accompany each tree. With their dedication and creative ideas, this year's festival is sure to delight all festival visitors.

Cheri Baber
Sarah Behr
Emily Bucholtz
Dominique Buhl
Margi Chesbro
Hilary Danielson
Kelsi Dow
Jaqueline Dunn
Cheryl Genheimer
Nancy Gilpin
Shelly Hamann
Kay Hoover
Sam Hull
Sarah Kennison
Danette Mapula
Sandy Miller
Ronni Nichuals
Herb Oxenrider
Rod Purcell
Lisa Quinn
Nicole Schatz
Lynn Sheppard
Rob Struthers
Andrea Swanson
Skye Wheeler
Leilani Wilson

For important information and various forms for this year’s registered designers, please click the links below.