Decorating Tips

Decorating with flair
Providence Festival of Trees is Portland’s premier holiday event. Once you have strolled through the trees, you may be looking for some ideas for decking your halls. Here are some decorating tips from a longtime Festival of Trees decorator to add sparkle to your home.

Create a stunning centerpiece

Using items that you already have you can create a centerpiece that is sure to dazzle your guests.

  1. Start with a fresh or artificial wreath.
  2. Look around your house and through your decorations to see what you can use. Art mesh, wide ribbon or another other types of fabrics add flair. Maybe you have some extra pine cones and some ornaments.
  3. An evergreen wreath will hold things, so there is no need to wire your items. Take your mesh or ribbon and weave it through the wreath. Tuck it behind any pine cones or greens that are on your wreath. Any extra can be placed in the center.
  4. The next step is to add the candle. A large, clear vase with a candle set inside is perfect.
  5. Add some pine cones and small ornaments in the vase to hold the candle in place. Real or artificial cranberries can help anchor the candle.
  6. Add your vase to the center of the wreath and your centerpiece is complete.

Embellish your door wreath

Make a great first impression as your guests come to your door. Like the centerpiece, you can complete this quickly and use items that you already have.

  1. Start out with a fresh wreath.
  2. Then look around your house and through your decorations and see what you can use. A bow can be a good focal point, whether homemade or bought. Place the bow at the top or bottom of the wreath.
  3. You will want to wire items to the wreath, particularly if your wreath will be exposed to the weather. This takes a few extra minutes, but your wreath will stay beautiful all season long.
  4. Accent what is already on the wreath by adding other items around it. Making a wreath is a great way to reuse those ornaments that are scratched or show some wear. Add as much or as little as you wish.
  5. When you have added everything you want and your items are secure your wreath is ready for hanging.

Glam-up fresh-cut flowers

Fresh-cut flowers are always special during the holidays. Why not spend a few minutes to glamorize a bouquet? Here is an idea:

  1. Take your fresh-cut flowers and find a vase. We were able to find a red vase – perfect for the holidays.
  2. You can dress up the vase with fabric or a ribbon.
  3. If you want to add some texture and interest, step outside and see what is in your yard. This boxwood could be the finishing touch you need.

Adding nostalgia to your décor

Do you have a collection of ornaments that you no longer hang on your tree, but can’t part with for sentimental reasons? Why not make your nostalgia part of your décor?

  1. Take a large bowl or platter. Add some greenery, real or artificial.
  2. Go through your ornaments and pick out what you want to display.
  3. Add your collection to the bowl or platter and you are done!

Make the most of your tree

Do you have your own traditions when it comes to decorating your tree? Here are a few ideas to make your tree sparkle.

  • Is your tree filled with ornaments your children have made? Consider making it a traditional tree. Add garland or tinsel. Or string popcorn and cranberries.
  • Do you like to have a color theme? Decorate your tree with different hues of the same color.
  • Don’t forget to decorate your entire tree! Even if your tree is against a wall people will see it from the sides.
  • And reach! Place ornaments in the middle of your tree, particularly heavier ones. The closer you go to the tree trunk the more support your treasure will have.