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Ask an Expert: Are You Prepared for an ER Visit?

Answer from Mary Engrav, M.D., an emergency medicine physician from the pediatric emergency room at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland.

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All About Your Newborn booklet (En español)

Es emocionante cuando llega el día de llevar a su recién nacido a casa – y quizá también sea motivo de un poco de inquietud. Durante los días y meses venideros se le van a ocurrir muchas preguntas. Este librito contiene mucha información pero no se ha preparado a manera de sustituto de la atención médica profesional. Si le surgen preguntas o inquietudes, consulte a su proveedor.

Anesthesia and your child

General anesthesia provides complete absence of pain and total loss of consciousness during surgery. Our anesthesia team is very skilled in safely administering anesthesia medications to children of all ages.

Bringing baby home: Instructions for home care

Congratulations on your new baby! We've put together a list of helpful information and links to access Providence postpartum care services.

Children’s Specialty Services

Providence Health & Services provides a comprehensive range of services for children, including neonatal care. Our dedication to high-quality, family-centered care and our excellent outcomes make us a preferred provider for physicians who want both compassionate care and the most advanced technology for their young patients.

Children’s visitation guidelines

The visitation policy for the children’s inpatient units at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center is designed to protect our patients, their families and other visitors.

Developmental Stages

Learn how your child is progressing with development of motor skills, language skills and more.

How Do I enroll my child in my health insurance?

Within 30 days after your baby’s birth, you will be required to separately enroll your baby in an insurance plan.

Movie list for pediatric patients at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center

Pediatric patients and their families can borrow movies free of charge while staying at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center.

Newborn Hearing Screening

The first two years of a child’s life are the most important for speech and language development. That’s why it’s important to detect hearing problems early. The state of Oregon requires that all newborns be given a hearing test soon after they are born.

Pediatric surgery checklist

Preparing your child for surgery.

Play it safe this summer

Tips for a safe, fun and healthy summer.

Providence Children's Health services

Providence Health & Services is a leader in children’s health care. Here is a list of children's health services available close to home.

Secondhand smoke: A danger to your family

Only five minutes of breathing secondhand smoke can be harmful to you or your baby’s health. A child who spends just one hour in a smoky room is inhaling as many dangerous chemicals as if he or she smoked 10 or more cigarettes.

The day of your child’s surgery: What to expect

If your child needs to have surgery, you may be nervous about the procedure and anxious about preparing your child to handle the situation. These guidelines will help you know what to expect and, hopefully, ease your anxiety.

What to do if your child has a fever

Having a sick child is never easy. The people of Providence want to help you care for your children in the right place. Some illnesses may require a trip to a doctor or a hospital. Other illnesses can be treated best at home.

Your baby needs a doctor

Before you preregister for your delivery, you must choose a primary care provider for your baby. This provider will coordinate well-baby visits, immunizations and general medical care for your baby for many years to come.

Proprietary Health Article

Back to school tips for parents

As summer draws to a close, families are getting ready for the start of a new school year and, if you plan ahead, you can fend off a frazzled first day of school. Here are some tips for what you should be doing now to help get your kids back on track for going back to class.

Keep your athlete playing all summer: Understand the signs of dehydration

Understanding how heat-related problems occur and how to prevent dehydration, can help your child enjoy a fun summer and a great start to their athletic programs.

What are children breathing?

Only five minutes of breathing secondhand smoke can be harmful to you or your baby’s health.

Recommended Resource

Children's symptom checker -

Is your child sick? Figure out what to do now and what to do next. From the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Oregon Healthy Kids

Healthy Kids is a health coverage program for uninsured Oregon kids and teens.

Reflection walk at Catlin Gabel

We understand having friends and family in the hospital is stressful. If you need time away for reflection, the beautiful grounds of Catlin Gabel are available to you and your family.