A Matrix for Ethical Decision Making in a Pandemic

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End of Life: POLST Reflects Patient Wishes, Clinical Reality

Article by Fr. John Tuohey, Ph.D. and Marian Hodges, M.D. in the April 2011 CHA Health Progress
Even when there is a DNAR order in a patient’s chart, that order may not be found quickly enough if a patient is rushed to the hospital.

Ethical Challenges in the Use, Abuse, and Addiction to Drugs

Dr. Kockler explores the ethical challenges of sustaining therapeutic relationships with patients who use, abuse, and are addicted to drugs. He examines selected cases and gives attention to how ethics consultation might assess different approaches to caring for these patients. The best care plan is not always clear, as ethically defensible and medically appropriate courses of action are often shrouded by systemic barriers, communication break-downs, personal and professional biases, or specific choices by doctors and patients. Dr. Kockler concludes with some reflections on the connection between the presence of ethics in health care and professional competencies.  View archived Eventcast

Ethics Center Article Considers Death and Organ Donation

(Rev.) John F. Tuohey, Ph.D., authored "Redefining Death as a Way to Procure More Vital Organs: A Response," which was published in the spring 2009 issue of Health Care Ethics USA.  Read article...

Ethics Consultation in Portland

In response to the need for a more structured approach toward the enhancement of and preparation for case consultation, the Portland Service Area (PSA) of the Providence Health & Services Oregon Region implemented a "special team" system.
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Ethics Education Enhances Skills of Doctors in Training

By John Tuohey, Ph.D. and Nicholas J. Kockler, Ph.D., M.S.
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The Five People You Meet in a Pandemic - And What They Need from You Today.

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