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Duncan and Cindy CampbellThe Duncan and Cindy Campbell Reference Library was dedicated on May 9, 2013. Located at Providence Center for Health Care Ethics on the campus of Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, the library was established for research by providing ready access to journals, books, and recorded lectures–both paper and online–for all within the Providence family.

As part of Duncan and Cindy’s commitment to inspire others, they have contributed to the establishment of this library. This extensive collection focuses on theology, healthcare ethics, cultural competency and palliative care. 
The reference library can be accessed by visiting during business hours or by contacting the center.

Ethics posters and tools
See our collection of posters and tools presented at professional conferences. These files are made available for the benefit of those involved in health care; they are protected by copyright. Access posters and tools ›

Providence Center for Health Care Ethics is pleased to offer EventCasts On-Demand–video recordings of educational events–on select topics in health care ethics and palliative care. Individuals can view an EventCast over the Internet.

Access our library of EventCasts

As a courtesy, all viewings are free thanks to the generous donors of Providence St. Vincent Medical Foundation. 
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