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A Matrix for Ethical Decision Making in a Pandemic

Learn more about pandemic planning and ethical decision-making during a crisis.

Care Across Cultures - Does Every Patient Need to Know?

Barbara Segal, MA and Marian Hodges, MD. MPH, coauthored this article on  respecting diverse cultural perspectives on disclosure of a life threatening illness to a patient.   It is inspired by the Providence Center for Health Care Ethic’s CCIV educational curriculum on managing patients with life threatening illness from diverse cultures. 

Ethical Considerations in the Risk-Benefit Analysis for Patients with Diminished Capacity

Paper written by John Tuohey, Ph.D. and Jeffery T. Young, M.D.

Ethics Center Article Considers Death and Organ Donation

(Rev.) John F. Tuohey, Ph.D., authored "Redefining Death as a Way to Procure More Vital Organs: A Response," which was published in the spring 2009 issue of Health Care Ethics USA. 

Ethics Consultation in Portland

In response to the need for a more structured approach toward the enhancement of and preparation for case consultation, the Portland Service Area (PSA) of the Providence Health & Services Oregon Region implemented a "special team" system.

These teams—an extension of the ethics committees already in place—underwent training in areas such as an overview of ethics, patient decision making, professionalism, organizational ethics, and palliative and end-of-life care.

Moving ethics consultation away from the purview of ethics committees generally, and into the realm of these trained special teams, has improved PSA's ability to respond to ethics needs in the region.

Ethics Education Enhances Skills of Doctors in Training

By John Tuohey, Ph.D. and Nicholas J. Kockler, Ph.D., M.S.

EventCast Viewing Instructions

Providence Center for Health Care Ethics is pleased to offer EventCasts on selected topics in health care ethics. An EventCast can be viewed simply by having access to the Internet. Please note that all presentations are recorded live. To view our library of EventCasts and past video presentations, please visit EventCasts. All viewings are free unless otherwise noted. Please review the instructions for both upcoming and archived presentations before visiting the site.

The Five People You Meet in a Pandemic - And What They Need from You Today.

Learn more about pandemic planning and ethical decision-making during a crisis.

Proprietary Health Article

What to expect: Helping a loved one through the dying process

This 12-page guide helps caregivers and family members understand the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the days and moments before death.