Patient Testimonials

Satisfaction surveys were completed by patients receiving services through Providence Cancer Risk Assessment and Prevention Program. Below are comments most often indicated by patients:

What part of the session was most helpful?

  • It took away some of the worry about my cancer being caused by genetics—which was a big worry.
  • Nancy was very knowledgeable and able to explain things in an easy to understand way.
  • Decreased fear of the unknown
  • Educational handouts
  • Reports on my family history
  • Information on how to minimize risks for the future
  • Statistics about inherited vs. non-inheritable cancer risks
  • Nancy's explaining interaction between genetics and cancer
  • Receiving information on BRCA gene
  • The visual charts and Nancy's clear explanations

Are you planning to make changes based on your risk assessment?

  • Discuss medicines with my primary care provider
  • Make life style, eating habits and family education a priority 
  • Assist daughter to have breast cancer screening at 40 not 50
  • Asking my family members to test for the cancer genes that I have

Additional comments:

  • Nancy's efforts helped my attitude going into surgery.
  • This has been good for my family.
  • Nancy's presentation is amazing.
  • I felt very comfortable working with Nancy.