Providence Cancer Center

A cancer diagnosis affects every part of you — mind, body and spirit. That's why our physicians and caregivers treat every part of you at every stage of your journey. No one has to face the challenges of cancer alone.

At Providence Cancer Center, you and your family will benefit from comprehensive and compassionate cancer care, including:

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What is breast density, and why is it important?

Approximately half of the female population has dense breast tissue. Learn more about breast density, the associated risks and how it can affect the detection of cancer in a mammogram.

The future of personalized medicine is here

Providence and the Chan Soon-Shiong Institute of Molecular Medicine are creating the country’s first clinical genomic network for whole genomic sequencing.

Providence cancer research 20 year anniversary

Providence marks two decades of cancer research focused on immunotherapy – the body’s ability to heal itself. In 1993, Walter J. Urba, M.D., Ph.D. joined Providence to lead this effort.

Cancer vaccine passes first test

Meet two of the volunteers in the trial of a new brain cancer vaccine being conducted by Providence. Having safely completed their first four infusions, doctors call them heroic trailblazers.

Educate and boost immune system

Cancer researchers focus on triggering the immune system to fight cancer.

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