In Practice: Profiles of Providence physicians

Patients know them as doctors. Physicians know them as colleagues.Through our ongoing series, we all may see these Providence providers in a different light.

In Practice: From folk dancing to radiosurgery 
Years before radiation oncologist Steven Seung, M.D., Ph.D., perfected high-precision Gamma Knife surgery, he had a novel wartime gig.

In Practice: Snowboarders and snow monkeys Orthopedic surgeon John Durkan, M.D., looks back at the 1998 Olympics and what’s involved in being a physician to the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team.

Andrew Rontal, M.D., neurologist
Technology, neurology and music

Vivek Deshmukh, M.D., FACS, neurosurgeon
The doctor once "more powerful than Cheney"

Elizabeth Stephens, M.D., endocrinologist
Motherhood, music and a relentless disease

Robert Wells, M.D., family physician
Medical missions: 2,500 patients in four days

Robert O. Olsen, M.D., psychiatrist
The power of building rapport with patients

Rom Leidner, M.D., oncologist, researcher
Cracking the codes on the toughest cancers

Ann-Marie Yost, M.D., neurosurgeon
A scalpel and a motorbike

Anthony (Tony) Ohotto, M.D., geriatric physician
Worked on a Navajo reservation, still makes house calls

Christopher Van Tilburg, M.D., mountain rescue physician
Emergency medicine at 10,000 feet

Jeffrey Disney, M.D., emergency physician
Why patients give him such high marks

Eric Kirker, M.D., cardiothoracic surgeon
Once an opera singer, now a surgeon

John Zurasky, M.D., neurointensivist
From Wall Street to the ICU

Have you or a physician you know lived an interesting life both inside and outside of medicine? We'd like to hear from you.