Our Stories

Home health team opens the door to growth

The passion for education and for striving to "be the best" threads its way through every line of service at Providence Benedictine Nursing Center. The home health care staff's devotion to their clients is no exception.

PBNC's seminarian program: Example and experience-the best teachers

For decades PBNC has offered seminarians a special place to learn practical pastoral skills. A parish priest at the nursing center provides care that requires a combination of love, knowledge, intuition, and self-confidence in faith practices.

Remember Providence - Benedictine

Estate gifts are a vital source of support for the charitable work of Providence Benedictine Nursing Center Foundation. Make a difference with estate planning.

Team spirit cheers on successful rehabilitation efforts

The first thing you notice about PBNC's Rehabilitation Department is the staff camaraderie. All the rehabilitation professionals - physical, occupational and speech therapists - work together for the common good of the resident or patient.