Chair's Message

DelbertHaenerDear Friends,

I am a member of the Providence Benedictine Nursing Center (PBNC) Foundation Board because I have known so many people from the Willamette Valley who have received wonderful and loving care there. I figure someday I may need their services. To continue and improve that great care, PBNC needs support from you.

Our mission is to provide excellent service, continue our innovation and leadership in serving the elderly, and to offer assistance regardless of income. Nearly 85% of PBNC residents in long term care have exhausted their life savings and rely on Medicaid to pay their bills. Government programs frequently don’t cover the entire cost of providing our services, so we ask for your help.

Since 1955 PBNC has been a model of excellence. PBNC is unique in Oregon. It is a teaching nursing center and an industry leader in skilled long-term care, providing expertise in areas such as palliative care, dementia, self-directed living, and pain management. Today, with nearly 300 employees, it offers long-term care, on-site rehabilitation services, assisted living, home health, hospice, and on-site child care with an intergenerational program.

The PBNC community of ministries serves more than 3,600 elderly and disabled persons each year. It is a monumentally expensive operation. We need everyone to help us continue with our mission to serve “…the poor and vulnerable, through our compassionate service.”

I look at it this way, Providence Benedictine Nursing Center has taken care of many of my relatives and friends in the past and will take care of many more in the future. That is why I happily provide my support to Benedictine.

Thank you for your support,

Delbert Haener
PBNC Foundation Board Chairman