Our mental well-being is directly connected with our overall physical health. Experiences like stress or trauma can leave us anxious, overwhelmed and hopeless. Untreated, these feelings can lead to major psychological and physical illnesses or to behaviors that can become addictive and destructive. Providence Behavioral Health Services approaches mental health and substance abuse treatment through a multidisciplinary program that focuses on the whole person -- physical, spiritual, psychological and social.

Providence Behavioral Health Services offers a comprehensive range of treatments to help people recover and regain control of their lives. Our treatment programs help people develop management and coping skills to deal with emotional crises or destructive behaviors. We evaluate the use of medications to help stabilize thought processes, and we provide group support for families, patients and other friends. For critical situations, our inpatient and outpatient programs treat a wide variety of mental and substance use disorders with safe and compassionate care.

Most mental and substance use disorders can be effectively resolved through outpatient programs. Our outpatient programs, such as partial hospital and intensive outpatient, use group and individual therapies as well as cognitive and other intensive therapies. Other disorders require the safety and security of an inpatient setting where patients can be protected while stabilizing medications and other treatments take effect. We offer specialty programs for substance abuse issues, eating disorders and learning disabilities.