Care team

Your Providence Pregnancy Care Package team includes certified nurse midwives, a doctor, registered nurses and caregivers in the clinic and hospital. We all work together to ensure you have the support you need throughout your pregnancy. The nurse midwives handle most of your care, with our doctors and obstetricians providing care as needed. The team also includes patient navigators, doulas, a social worker, a financial counselor, medical assistants and our helpful office staff.

Every member of your team is important. Here's what to expect from each of us.

Certified nurse midwives are your main care providers during pregnancy. They deliver your baby at the hospital and provide care for you before and after your pregnancy. Your nurse midwives work as a team and you have opportunities to meet them at both individual and group visits.

Patient navigators connect you with the resources and information you need during pregnancy. They help you coordinate appointments, take part in group visits and can help you find answers to your questions.

The doctor (physician) at the clinic is an obstetrician and gynecologist. The doctor works closely with the nurse midwives and focuses on needs that require the special skills of a physician. A doctor is always available if you need a cesarean section.

The doula is part of your birth team at the hospital and works closely with your nurse midwife and labor and delivery nurse. She stays with you through your labor to provide comfort measures and emotional and physical support.

The registered nurse (RN) at the clinic can answer medical questions between visits. She may also provide information about test results and medications. She always refers you to a certified nurse midwife if you need more detailed information. The labor and delivery nurses at the hospital care for you and your baby throughout your stay.

The social worker provides emotional support and short-term counseling around a variety of issues. If your certified nurse midwife or navigator thinks you could benefit from the social worker's special skills, either one can refer you to her. Or, you can request to see her at any time throughout your pregnancy or postpartum care.

The financial counselor meets with you at the beginning of your pregnancy to review insurance coverage and other questions about managing the cost of pregnancy care. If you have questions later, she's always happy to talk with you.