Pregnancy Care Package

The pregnancy care package aims to reduce the cost of pregnancy care by 15 percent while maintaining excellent patient satisfaction and quality.

The care package does this by bringing together the caregivers for prenatal, hospital and follow-up care into a single team, and by incorporating practices shown to help patients have faster and easier deliveries with fewer cesarean sections and medical interventions. These include using certified nurse midwives, patient navigators, prenatal group care, new equipment and doulas, or birth coaches.

The clinic’s patient navigators support women and families throughout prenatal care, connecting them to resources and co-facilitating prenatal group visits with the certified nurse midwives. Group visits held with patients’ clinical check-ups provide women with education and peer support to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

At the hospital, patients can use a doula for support, along with the certified nurse midwife and registered nurse care team. Labor-support equipment includes a specialized birth chair, telemetry monitors that allow women to walk and move during fetal monitoring, bathtubs and peanut-shaped birth balls.

Providence Maternal Care Clinic is a Portland midwifery practice that provides compassionate prenataldelivery, and postpartum care to women who want the safety of a hospital birth with minimal medical interventions and the caring support of a nurse midwife.

We provide the personal care approach of midwifery, with the safety and expertise of a health care system. Our care team specializes in providing holistic women’s health care catered to your individual needs, including: gynecology, family planning, reproductive counseling, prenatal care, labor and birth.