Pediatric Intensive Care Telehealth Service

Residents of the Center for Medically Fragile Children (CMFC), located at the Providence Child Center, are now able to connect with a pediatric intensive care specialist through a secure, videoconferencing technology platform. This technology will allow residents to remain in their room during a virtual consult, allowing the provider to give timely and high-quality care from any location.

Benefit of service

The virtual clinic service will allow a pediatric intensive care specialist to provide high-quality care to residents in this facility, allowing the provider to safely determine whether a transfer of care may be necessary. This service will also help the attending physician to round with residents remotely which will result in increased quality and continuity of care.

Accessing the service

Telehealth consultations will be available for residents as-needed, 24 hours a day at the CMFC. There will be a CMFC nurse in the room during a virtual consult to assist the provider during the exam.