Our Services

Neonatal long-term EEG monitoring with video

A diagnostic test called an electroencephalogram, or EEG, can help determine if a patient is having seizures. An EEG is a test that records...

Newborn and neonatal surgery

We provide consultation, diagnosis and treatment for children with surgical needs, including neonatal surgery and surgery for congenital anomalies....

Online childbirth education classes

For your convenience, Providence offers an online childbirth education program. This program is ideal for women whose schedules don’t allow them to...

Pediatric follow-up clinics for high-risk infants

Providence Neurodevelopmental Center for Children provides a clinic for infants who are at risk for delays in developmental growth or feeding problems due to premature birth or significant illness. 

Pediatric neurodevelopmental evaluations and treatment

Providence Neurodevelopmental Center for Children offers neurodevelopmental evaluations and treatment for pediatric patients who may have specific areas of concern or more complex diagnostic and treatment needs. 

Pediatric specialty medical care

We provide specialty medical care for medically fragile children.