Mind-Body medicine

Also known as: Mind-Body intervention
Mind-Body medicine is the provision of services which recognize that the mind,  the emotions and the spirit all have a role in the healing of the body.  These techniques develop the mind's ability to help the body to heal or keep itself well. Some of these techniques, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, were in the past considered complementary medicine and are now a part of conventional medicine in the United States.

Providence Cancer Support Services provides patients and their loved ones with the tools and skills needed to help reduce stress, eliminate negative thoughts and examine and change  belief systems and lifestyle patterns which no longer serve to enhance immune system functioning.   Individual, couples, family and group counseling are available as a complement to the traditional medical care patients receive.  Mind-Body medicine assists patients and family members to become active partners in their treatment, and to work with their physicians and healthcare team to achieve optimal wellness and well-being.

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