Realigning, consolidating our leadership

Portrait of Dave Underriner

Dave Underriner
Chief executive, Oregion Region

Aug. 23, 2013

As I near the end of my first 100 days as Oregon chief executive, I want to give you an update on where we are with our strategic priorities and also let you know about some changes on our leadership team.

We’ve been working hard on our 2013 priorities, while planning for new opportunities in 2014. I’m pleased that we’ve had a lot of success and are moving forward with some of the important initiatives that support our work. I recognize this is especially challenging during the many changes both within our system and as a result of health care reform.

At the core of all of our work is our Mission of caring for our communities. We do this through affordable, quality services. We are transforming from a ministry focused on caring for people when they are ill, to a ministry that supports people’s health and wellness throughout their life. To be successful, we also need to be affordable, which includes our reduce-cost work in Oregon and our new administrative transformation initiative being led by the system. It is important to continuously evaluate how we can best support our ministry.

As a result, I am moving forward with some changes and consolidation of positions:

  • Tricia Roscoe is leaving Providence effective Sept. 20. As we continue to undergo transformation, a number of functions and teams she was accountable for are transitioning into a system shared services structure, and I have eliminated this position. Changes for her direct reports include:
    • James Harker, chief strategy officer, and Marcia Williams, chief public affairs and marketing officer, will now report to me.
    • Dr. Tom Lorish, chief executive of outreach, and Dawn Tolotti, regional director of outreach services, will report to Dr. Doug Walta, chief executive, programs and diversity, Oregon.
    • Lisa Scardina, our regional director who leads the CMMI innovation grant, will also support priorities in Strategic Management Services, reporting to James Harker.
    • Claire Celeste Carnes, regional director for Digital Health Services and Marketing, will report to me on an interim basis.
  • Dr. Doug Koekkoek has been named chief executive of Oregon clinical services and regional chief medical officer. Dr. Koekkoek will also be accountable for regional nursing, regional pharmacy, physician education and community health. This is a consolidation of Dr. Koekkoek’s previous responsibilities and the position previously held by Dr. Craig Wright. As a result, we are not filling one executive position.
  • William Olson has accepted the role of chief financial officer for the Oregon Region. The hospital CFO position previously held by William currently is being evaluated as he reviews his overall needs and structure. It is likely that if this position is filled it will not be a senior leadership role. 

Congratulations and many thanks to Doug and William for their leadership.

It’s important to note that we are eliminating a position. We will not be filling these two roles, nor did we replace Lisa Vance’s clinical program executive position when she moved to a system role. Dr. Walta is now leading this important work.

Finally, I want to thank Tricia for her leadership and her hard work on behalf of Providence. Her roles with Providence have varied, and include her first position at Providence St. Vincent as a Mission leader; development of regional and then system-wide physician services and development, as well as early work with Providence Medical Group and clinical programs across the system; leadership in Oregon around our Medicaid strategy and community health division, and in helping shape the Portland-area coordinated care organization and lead the CMMI grant; leadership in helping to shape our digital health service team and strategies; and leadership in developing services in southwest Washington and overseeing our market and business development team.
I also appreciate her willingness to accept other important leadership roles over these past years that respond to needs in support of our ministry. Tricia has been a strong and visible leader whose keen knowledge of health care and our system and deep commitment to our Mission will be missed. I know you all join me in thanking her for her years of service to Providence and wishing her well.