Now there are eight: Medford employs Providence hospitalists

Portrait of Carolyn Sites, D.O.

Carolyn Sites, D.O.
Senior medical director, Providence Hospitalist Programs

Dec. 19, 2012

On March 1, Providence Medford Medical Center will transition from contracted hospitalists to those employed by Providence Medical Group. This means that all eight of the Oregon Region’s hospitals will be staffed by PMG hospitalists.

So why the change? PMG hospitalist programs bring greater engagement around quality performance with a focus on excellent clinical care, improving hospital safety and enhancing our patients’ experience.

We have appropriately reduced hospital lengths of stay, reduced variations in care and decreased hospital mortality indices. Our hospitalists are involved with quality-improvement efforts to decrease inappropriate readmissions, achieve top-box scores in CMS quality core measures and improve our HCAHPS scores.

Many of our hospitalists serve on quality-improvement, safety and medical staff committees to develop and promote the use of clinical best-evidence practice guidelines. They help teach medical residents and students, and have completed work on blood-transfusion safety, palliative care and improving inpatient diabetes care.

Hospitalists work collaboratively with our primary care colleagues, medical and surgical subspecialists, and nursing staff to care for our patients and improve communication.

These are but a few of the benefits our hospitalist program will bring to Medford. Having a statewide hospitalist program will bring the added value of a standardized, consistent approach of care for our patients and the ability to share and adopt our successes throughout our Oregon ministries.

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