Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "medical home?"

The medical home is your health care hub, where your Providence primary care physician leads a team of health care professionals that work together to deliver high-quality, efficient care focused on prevention, wellness and improvement of chronic illness. Your care team coordinates all of your medical needs, including care you receive from specialists, other providers and at other Providence facilities – all of whom work closely with your physician to tailor services for you. At Providence, we're committed to keeping you healthy... not just providing care when you're sick. 

How is a medical home different than "regular care?" 

Traditional primary care is often only delivered in a physician's office and disconnected from the other providers you see, placing the burden on you to manage all of the various pieces of your healthcare experience. In a medical home, you can see a provider in person or virtually through a scheduled phone or e-visit on the same day or next day, and communicate with your physician and care team at any time via secure online or mobile messaging. Depending on your health needs, your team may expand to include a clinical pharmacist, behavioral health specialist, nurse care manager and health coach to better coordinate your care and help improve your overall well-being. 

Why should I choose Providence? 

Providence is the largest health system in the Portland metro area with a wide network of highly respected providers, facilities and services all linked through a single electronic medical record. This means wherever you receive care throughout the Providence system or with our affiliated providers, every caregiver can access a single source of electronic information about your health, thereby preventing unnecessary duplication or gaps in your care. 

Does the Providence patient-centered medical home cost extra? 

No, there's no additional cost to you. Providence accepts all Cigna and Anthem medical insurance plans offered by Intel. Any 2014 coordination fees for you and your family are paid directly by Intel. 

How do I participate? 

Call our dedicated concierge line at 503-582-2195 to find a physician and schedule a visit. 

  • New Patients: Intel employees and family members can get a new patient appointment within one week.
  • Existing Patients: If you're already a Providence Medical Group patient, you can call the same phone number above to schedule a same-day or next-day appointment. You also can schedule an appointment online via MyChart.