Healthy Self pediatric weight management

Also known as: Pediatric weight management

Healthy Self is a 10-week weight management program designed for young people ages 8 to 15 years old. In a fun, active group setting, kids learn about nutrition and physical activity. Registered dietitians and fitness specialists teach kids – together with their parents – about food, weight, exercise and body issues.

Getting started
A doctor must refer your child to us for an appointment with our dietitian before you register for Healthy Self. After we receive your doctor’s referral, our staff will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Setting healthy goals
Healthy Self includes a private pre-program evaluation with a registered dietitian. This helps us assess your child’s nutritional status, set appropriate goals, and monitor your child’s health and progress. When your child completes the 10-week program, the dietitian sends a report to your child’s doctor, showing the results of the child’s efforts.

Support for the entire family
We work with the entire family because creating lifestyle changes is a process that involves everyone. At least one parent must attend classes with the child.

Nutrition services
Families may choose to receive nutrition counseling in a private session instead of or in addition to the counseling provided during the Healthy Self classes. If you choose a private session, our dietitian will design a healthy weight program for your child.

What is the cost?
Registration for the 10-week session is $250, paid upon enrollment. Some health insurance plans cover the cost of the registration fee. In addition, you and/or your insurance provider will be billed separately for the nutrition assessment.  

For questions and registration information, please contact us.

Ask An Expert

Ask an expert: Heavy kids

Q: “My 11-year-old son is very active and eats healthy foods, but is still heavy. Will he grow out of the fat, or is there something we can or should do now? Kids tease him, and he’s very sensitive about being heavier than his friends.”

Answer provided by Connie Warner, M.S., R.D., pediatric dietitian, Providence Neurodevelopmental Center for Children:

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