Geriatrics and long-term care

What is the geriatrics and long-term care service?
This important service brings together a team of Providence Medical Group physicians and nurse practitioners to provide care in nursing facilities that partner with Providence. Each team member is committed to providing outstanding geriatric and internal medicine care. Each team coordinates closely with a patient's primary care provider. The goal is to provide excellent, compassionate care for patients and to help prevent any avoidable hospitalizations or visits to the emergency department.

Who provides my care while I'm in the nursing facility?
Your medical care is provided by the nursing facility staff and the Providence physician or nurse practitioner who has been assigned to you. Providence providers travel between facilities to see you and their other patients. They coordinate with the facility's staff to ensure your medical needs are met, including contacting specialists and therapists, ordering tests, and monitoring and adjusting your medications and diet as needed.

When do I see the Providence providers?
You can expect to seen by your assigned provider within three to four days after you arrive at the nursing facility? But even before the first visit, your Providence provider will consult with the facility staff about your care, such as medications, therapy and tests.

Previously, when patients were discharged from the hospital to a nursing facility, they often had to go to their primary care provider for a follow-up visit - which was difficult logistically and medically for many patients. Now your geriatrics and long-term care team comes to you at the nursing facility for your follow-up care.

How often do I see my Providence provider in the nursing facility?
Schedules vary depending on the size of the facility, but your assigned team member is available on site at least two or three days per week. Even when Providence team members are physically at the facility, they're available to you, family members and facility staff by phone if medical issues, questions or concerns arise.

How is my primary care provider kept informed about my care at the nursing facility?
As a vital member of your care team your regular doctor (your primary care provider) is kept well-informed of your care during your stay at the nursing facility. Details of your medical care are documented in the same electronic medical record system your primary care provider uses in his or her office. This means your provider can review your chart at any time and stay current with your progress.  

When you leave the nursing facility, your geriatrics and long-term care team member gives your primary care provider a summary of your stay, along with information such as current medications and any follow-up care needed. Once you return home, your care transitions seamlessly back to your primary care provider.

How will my family be included in my care?
The nursing facility staff and the Providence geriatrics and long-term care team provider work with you and your family to coordinate your care and to answer your questions. Your Providence provider can arrange for a care conference, if needed, to discuss issues with you and your family members. As always, your primary care provider is kept informed and can be consulted as needed.  

Providence's geriatrics and long-term care team is committed to providing you with quality, coordinated care that eases the way for you, your family members and your other medical providers. Our goal is to work as a partner to ensure you receive exceptional care, whether you're in a long-term care facility or transitioning back home.

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