Family therapy

Also known as: Therapy, family, Family counseling
Family therapy is a type of counseling involving the entire family. It can help maintain positive relationships within a family dealing with a stressful situation or a life-changing event, such as having a loved one with a chronic mood disorder.

In family therapy, each person can express any concerns and fears about how the problem is affecting their loved one and the family dynamics. They also receive support for the frustrations they experience when helping the person through the challenges of his or her situation.

Family therapy should be conducted by a qualified counselor, such as a licensed professional counselor or psychologist, who has had specific training in treating families. Our mental well-being is directly connected with our overall physical health. Experiences that involve stress or trauma can leave us anxious, overwhelmed and hopeless. Untreated, these feelings can lead to major psychological and physical illnesses or to behaviors that can become addictive and destructive. Providence Behavioral Health Services approaches mental health and substance abuse treatment through a multidisciplinary program that focuses on the whole person -- that is, the physical, spiritual, psychological and social aspects that make us who we are.

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