Endoscopic neurosurgery

Also known as: Neurosurgery
Providence surgeons are improving care through endoscopic neurosurgery, an advanced procedure that uses a slender fiber-optic camera to improve visibility and guide access to hard-to-reach tumors in the brain. Providence Cranial Services Leading-edge technology. Computerized navigation. Laser-sharp precision. Such advancements have revolutionized neurosurgery. Today, patients receive remarkable treatments when facing brain tumors, aneurysms, seizures and other brain conditions.

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Providence Endoscopic Pituitary and Skull Base Tumor Center

Our surgeons are have been at the forefront in the Pacific Northwest in developing multidisciplinary, minimally invasive endoscopic approaches to skull base lesions. Compared to standard neurosurgical approaches, these techniques lead to shorter hospitalizations, faster recoveries and improved outcomes.

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World-class technology: intraoperative MRI suite

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center is home to the world’s most advanced operating suite for brain tumors.

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