"Help is Here: When someone you love has dementia"

"Help is Here: When someone you love has dementia" was written to help every family that cares for a family member with dementia by offering practical, realistic support to the family caregiver.

Knowing that families are confused and anguished about so many new situations that they encounter on their journey with a person with dementia, renowned Portland geriatrician Dr. Marian O. Hodges teamed up with the daughter of one of her patients to write "Help is Here."

"Help is Here" is an easy way for families to learn what to expect and provides simple strategies to care for their family member. "Help is Here" is different from most books about dementia because it approaches the journey the family is on from the family caregiver’s point of view. "Help is Here" includes simple, easy-to-understand advice on: 

  • Things to think about soon after a family member is diagnosed with dementia, such as how to make a house safe 
  • How to communicate more effectively with a family member who has dementia so that there are fewer stressful conversations and more happy days
  • Things to think about as dementia progresses, including how to manage some of the challenging behaviors of later dementia 
  • How the family caregiver can communicate more effectively with other family members 
  • How the family caregivers can take care of themselves – a critically important consideration 

Written in a conversational style with pictures and stories based on events that actually happened to other family caregivers, "Help is Here" offers family caregivers clear tips that make caring for their family member with dementia easier. For instance, families will learn:

  • How to help a family member with dementia who asks the same question over and over, or who refuses to bathe
  • When changes in a family member’s behavior mean that the family caregiver should call the doctor
  • When family caregivers should ask for more help for their family member with dementia or for themselves, as caregiver

"Help is Here" was written for doctors to give to the family caregiver, but every family will benefit from its support and guidance.

Listen to Dr. Hodges talk about “Help is Here” and how caregivers can cope.

From the heart

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