The Help is Here Dementia Curriculum Project


Major Research Questions
Many staff at retirement facilities have not received adequate training that prepares them to care for patients with dementia. Can we create a curriculum for staff that improves morale and enables them to better care for residents?

What are the measurable impacts of the implementation of such a curriculum?
Anne Hill, author
Marian Hodges, M.D., geriatrician
Project Timeline
Summer 2013-Spring 2014
When can we expect to see results?
Spring 2015

Additional Information

What is the Help Is Here Curriculum Project?
We are helping to create, implement and evaluate a dementia curriculum for staff at two continuing care retirement communities in Portland.  Staff members at these facilities receive varying levels of education about how to serve patients with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias; some may have never received any dementia-specific education or training at all. 

We’ll conduct focus groups and in-person interviews with staff members to better understand the experience of working with individuals with dementia. We’ll then develop a curriculum in response to what we learn. We’ll also conduct surveys with staff members before and after the implementation of the dementia curriculum to evaluate the effectiveness of our materials.

We see this study as the first step in a larger overhaul of how dementia care is handled in our community; our next steps are to use what we learned from the notebook to create similar support resources for caregivers at the other points of care, validate each of those resources with sound research, then roll these resources out across the community.

For more information about this project, contact CORE.