Lead Evaluator: Kaiser/Providence Behavioral Health Initiative Evaluation Project


Major Research Questions
How can we integrate and coordinate behavioral health services and primary care within the context of health care reform in Oregon?
  • Oregon Primary Care Association (OPCA), in collaboration with 12 FQHCs in the Kaiser Permanente Service Area
  • Volunteers of America Oregon (VOA), Multnomah County Health Department, and Rockwood Community Health Clinic (RCHC)
  • LifeWorks NW and Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center
  • Comprehensive Options for Drug Abusers, Inc. (CODA, Inc.)
Project Timeline
March 1, 2013 to Feb. 28, 2015.
When can we expect to see results?
Between Oct. 1, 2015 and
Feb. 28, 2015
Additional Information

What is the Kaiser/Providence Behavioral Health Initiative?
The Community Foundations at Kaiser and Providence are jointly funding four different initiatives that will work to reduce the impact of mental health and/or substance abuse on individuals, the health system, and the community.

All four projects will advance the following priority areas:
  • Increase outreach and engagement to those in need, especially through the use of peer and community health workers.
  • Increase coordination among medical and behavioral service providers, especially for those who are high utilizers of high expense health care services due to difficulties in fully engaging in treatment.
  • Improve the skills and abilities of the health care workforce to screen for and identify substance use and mental health problems.
  • Implement pilot programs that integrate addiction, mental health and primary medical services in behavioral health treatment settings.
What role does CORE play?
Awardees have innovative ideas for how to better deliver behavioral health care. CORE is here to help them track and measure results.  We provide technical assistance to awardees as they develop self-monitoring plans, and we create a learning system to enable grantees to give and get feedback from one another. 

CORE will:
  1. Design a measurement system. We’ll help grantees select meaningful indicators, assess progress, and report outcomes. We’ll document both intermediate and long-term outcomes at the patient, organization, and initiative level.
  2. Track implementation progress and change over time. We’ll establish a learning system to provide formative feedback for process improvement. We’ll employ interviewing and case study methods to track progress, identify common problems and barriers, identify emerging solutions, and use results to highlight best practices across all awardees.
  3. Provide ongoing measurement and reporting support. We’ll create a flexible system for ongoing support to grantees, and ongoing reporting support for Kaiser, Providence and the Oregon Community Foundation.

For more information about the evaluation, you can contact CORE.