CCO Case Study Project

Major Research Questions
What lessons can be learned from two CCOs (Health Share of Oregon and PacificSource) about what works and what doesn't?

Specifically, how do CCOs organize themselves to drive toward their ultimate goals of better care, better health, and lower costs? And how do they manage tension among partner organizations?
Jill Rissi, Ph.D., Portland State University
Lucy Savitz, Ph.D., Intermountain Health
Health Share of Oregon (Portland)
PacificSource (Bend)
Project Timeline
April 2013 - March 2015
When can we expect to see results?
Our Year One narrative will be available May 2014

Additional Information

What is the CCO Case Study Project?
CCOs are a version of an ACO (an Accountable Care Organization). ACOs accept a capitated payment in return for providing care to a specific population. ACOs are popping up all over the country, because they offer the opportunity for lawmakers to set cost and quality expectations within a model that incentivizes health creation over sick care.

However, these new organizations are fairly new and they are all different.

In 2012, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released a call for proposals for projects that would do case studies of ACOs.

Case studies should look at:

  • What is the governance structure of the ACO?
  • What is the ACO’s financial plan?
  • How does payment work within the ACO?
  • What relationships make up the ACO?
  • How does the ACO interact with patients?
  • What outcomes does the ACO report?
  • How does the ACO evaluate progress?

In response, CORE proposed the CCO Case Study Project, which will produce case studies of two of Oregon’s most promising CCOs: Health Share of Oregon and PacificSource in Bend.

Study design
We’ll conduct site visits at each CCO two times a year for two years. We’ll use five different methods of data collection: utilization mapping, claims analysis, in-depth interviews, observational data collection, and document analysis to draw a picture of how each CCO works.

For more information about this project, you can contact us.
For more information about Health Share of Oregon, visit their website.
For more information about PacificSource in Bend, visit their website.