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Over the course of four years, the Centers for Outcomes Research and Education (CORE) reviewed Medicaid claims data of 98 residents to reveal whether and how health care utilization and costs changed after moving. To provide an even deeper analysis, CORE used personal surveys with the residents to learn more about their health status, health care use and levels of trauma they had experienced in their lives and whether that changed after having permanent housing.

Data to drive change at the community level

New times need new data. As health reforms put greater accountability on health systems for population health and greater understanding of the upstream social determinations of health, there is growing need for data that can help communities come together around shared information and shared goals.

Health in Housing

This study was one of the first to assess the impact on health care costs when low-income individuals move into affordable housing.

Housing and Health

Within clinic and hospital walls, the connection between housing and health care are well known. Providers working with vulnerable populations know first hand how housing insecurity and homelessness affect the health outcomes of the people they treat.

Lead Evaluator: Kaiser Clinical Quality Improvement in the Safety Net Project

The Kaiser Community Foundation has funded projects to enhance clinical quality improvement capacity in the safety net. CORE is the lead evaluator on the project. In partnership with awardees, we’re learning about innovations that will improve the quality of care in clinics that serve our most vulnerable community members.

Lead Evaluator: Kaiser/Providence Behavioral Health Initiative Evaluation Project

Kaiser and Providence have partnered to fund initiatives that advance behavioral health in the context of health care reform. CORE serves as lead evaluator and technical advisor to the awardees. We’re learning what innovative methods of delivering behavioral health care might better serve those in need.

The Help is Here Dementia Curriculum Project

Author Anne Hill and Providence’s own Marian Hodges, M.D., have written Help is Here, a notebook resource for caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. They are now transforming the notebook into a curriculum for staff members at retirement communities. This project involves focus groups with staff members before and after the curriculum is implemented. We want to know if the curriculum is successful, and—if so—why.

The South Dakota Mental Health Needs Assessment Project

For this project, CORE will conduct a health needs assessment survey in South Dakota. The survey has an emphasis on mental and behavioral health.

The Take-Up Study: Optimizing Enrollment Strategies for Medicaid Expansion

Many people who are eligible for public assistance don’t apply for benefits. This project examines the impacts of enhanced outreach on Medicaid enrollment, and also measures whether enrollment in Medicaid might have a specific kind of impact on vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations.